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Posted: Sep 10, 2010

Thanks for the quick fix. However, I'm using Launchy (automating Curl and a twitter batch file) to quickly enter my tasks w/o an explicit twitter client. But now I can't directly auth against the Twitter API. I don't expect Toodledo to help, but if anyone else out there has a suggestion... Thanks.

Posted: Jun 11, 2009

Great job! Thank you for your hard work. I've personally spent far too much time working feverishly hunched over a keyboard in data centers, so I know how stressful it can be!

Two minor suggestions for future (hopefully far in the future) outages: put timestamps on your updates and consider using the Toodledo Twitter account as a communication mechanism.

Posted: Mar 17, 2009
From Topic: Jott interoperability

+1 for setting a default for Jotts. They can get buried in "No Context" "No Folder" "No Due Date" far too easily and spend a week (or more) there before a Weekly (Monthly?) Review. Thanks guys!

Posted: Mar 17, 2009

In trying to attain "ubiquitous capture" I send tasks to Toodledo via the web interface, the Firefox sidebar, email-to-Toodledo, and the iPhone app. But nothing - *nothing* - has come close to the ease with which I can create tasks using the Ubiquity add-in for Mozilla Firefox. (I'll have to check out ToodleAir, but processor cycles are sacred...)

The script uses the email-to-Toodledo syntax and sends the task to Toodledo via your Twitter account seamlessly in a single step.

I love it. I really do. It was written by "Sash" and posted on GitHub here: http://tinyurl.com/d9gbeb

I made a minor tweak to add the @ symbol for Context (see below) but the # symbol for Due Date and the * symbol for Folder are already supported.

Add this at the appropriate spot using the Ubiquity command editor:

if (mods['$'].text){

Happy toodleDOing.

Posted: May 29, 2008

I receive several weekly digest emails in my Gmail account. I'd like to read when in the appropriate context, and currently manually forward them to Toodledo with the @Home context tag. However, I would prefer to have Gmail automatically filtered them out of my inbox and send them to Toodledo with the context of "Home".

I can get Gmail to forward them to my toodledo email address and auto-create the task, but the only way to assign a context is to add the context formatting (i.e. @home) to the body of the email, which I can't do via a Gmail filter.

Any way (or plans) to allow context & folder assignment in the email address? e.g. myname.secretcode.context@toodledo.com

I know I can always just auto dump them in w/o a context and manually adjust during processing, but would love one less step. Between Jott, my iPhone and the FF sidebar, I am at near ubiquitous capture!