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Posted: Jan 03, 2012

I just came across this forum topic today, while looking into how to set up projects in here, and I saw some of the consternations that you guys have been having with it. I did some playing today and came up with a couple of possibilities.

Utilizing just Toodledo, I tried setting up a page in TD's notebook with a pre-built list. It only allows some HTML, so I created a list template. For simple lists within a TD task, I can copy the template into the note of a task, then modify the various items.

Along with Toodledo, I also use Evernote and Google suite of office items and I have them all set up with the various structure stems (folders/notebook names, labels/tags names), matching to each other as closely as possible. Utilizing some of the other suggestions here, a G spreadsheet, a G document with a table, or even a G form can be created with the expanded project or outline items in it. Using the first or second type would provide you with a column for checking off items. You would then share the item, setting it up so that only someone with a link can accees that item. When that link is generated, copy it into the TD note area. You can then click on it, without having to even open the note, and you are taken right to it. Utilizing the Google office items means that you can both modify your structures when needed from wherever, plus you can then access them from all devices, including smartphones, without having to store multiple copies everywhere.

Please feel free to let me know if this works for anyone here. And please feel free to let me know of any improvements that you might have as well.


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