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Canyon Russell

Posted: Jun 14, 2012
From Topic: The 'thought' context

I don't use this mainly because 'decide' is rarely the next action for me. When ever it looks like a 'decide' action is next I ask myself "why haven't I already made this decision?" The answer usually comes down to finding another piece of info, talking to someone else about it, or identifying some risk around the decision that I need to deal with. That then becomes my next action and once dealt with the decision usually becomes clear. Or I find I don't have a reason to not make it so it falls under the 2 minute rule, I just make it right then. The next action becomes the first step of enacting that decision.
Canyon Russell

Posted: Feb 22, 2012


I have tried NirvanaHQ and found it good, but for me the lack of an Android client is worse than poor project handling. Only the wonderful third-party app Ultimate ToDo List (http://www.todolist.co/) brought me back to Toodledo.

From a 'pure' GTD perspective, all you need is a way to make lists. So the ability to link Projects to Tasks is a 'nice to have' not a 'must have' in GTD. BUT it's just such an easy thing to implement and it hasn't been done, by Toodledo or anyone else.

I mentioned this previously in the thread, but Tracks has the best handling of projects of any web app I've seen. It has three 'statuses' for projects, Active, Hidden, and Complete. This allows you to have a Project list (Active), a Someday/Maybe list (Hidden) projects, and Completed projects. But again, no Android client that works.

And let me Restate, The Someday/Maybe list is a Project list. This is the biggest flaw in the basic handling of projects for most GTD systems.

So let me step off my soapbox and say that if NirvanaHQ ever gets a Android App, I will check them out again.

Canyon Russell

Posted: Feb 22, 2012

JPR, That's a great work around, I'll give it a try.

It's just frustrating that a product that is so great in so many ways, forces us to develop these work arounds for such a fundamental part of the GTD process. It would be so easy to fix. If they would just implement 'Projects' all these complaints would go away. And with the standard ability to 'disable' any features, it wouldn't even effect people that didn't want it.

I'm just amazed that no currently available web app handles this well. Believe me, I have tried them ALL.
Canyon Russell

Posted: Feb 22, 2012

So i have been using, for the last two months, the task/subtask distinction for projects. I have created a 'Projects' context into which I put all the project 'tasks'. I then create subtasks and assign each of them to a given context. This process is OK but has one major limitation. Both the Toodledo web app and the mobile app I use (Ultimate ToDo List) don't have a function for creating a task as a subtask of another item unless you first navigate to the parent task and initiate the subtask there.

For example, I have a "Repair Window" task in my Projects context. I have a subtask for "call repair man" with a context of Phone. As I'm on my lunch break, I look at my Phone list and go OK I need to call my repair man. We schedule a time to have him come over and he says 'please move any furniture you have in front of the window.' Since I can't do it now, I hit the new task button and put "Move furniture from window" and give it a 'Home' context. Now that task is orphaned, unconnected to the "Repair Window" project. I would have had to navigate to the Projects list, open the "Repair Window" task and then hit "create subtask" inorder for it to be properly categorized. The experiance with the web app, while somewhat simpler, is similar.

If Project was a data type, like folders and goals, then both the mobile app and the web app would have a drop down with my only active projects (thus the need for project status) that I could use to assign this task to that project.

I'm sad to say that this keeps me looking for another ToDo application. It's even more unfortunate that no one else handles this any better.
Canyon Russell

Posted: Jan 04, 2012

Posted by mco:

I've used OmniFocus pretty extensively, which does what you want; it's good but not great. There's always some trade-off between speed and flexibility on the one hand, and powerful project-management features.

Yes, I'm aware of OmniFocus and understand it to be a great program. Since I'm a PC user (at home and work) with an android phone it isn't an option for me. That's why I try to focus on web based apps with android companion apps. And that's why, if not for this one feature, Toodledo would be perfect for me.
Canyon Russell

Posted: Dec 29, 2011

I think this thread and many others like it show the basic problem in Toodledo's decision to not support projects as a data type. Their answer "we have folders and subtasks." is just not an acceptable answer. I can say that I've tried all three (Folders, Goals, and Subtasks) as a stand in for Projects and they all fall short. The important component of a Project that the other options lack is a project status. Projects can be Active, Complete, or "on Hold" (Someday in GTD). This could be accomplished if they added an aditional status option to Folders or Goals but only if this status affected all the tasks under that Folder. A Project 'on Hold' or set to 'Someday' should be able to have tasks but those tasks shouldn't be visible outside of that project until it's status it changed to Active.
Canyon Russell

Posted: Dec 06, 2011
From Topic: Chrome Web Store

Has there been any further plans to add a Toodledo entry to the Chrome Web Store? I would love to have an "app" for Toodledo, even if it's just a bookmark to start with.

I found a previous thread discussing this and I want to strongly disagree with the last poster in that thread. You shouldn't avoid putting an app in the web store just because some people may rate it poorly. Toodledo is a great app and you should be confident in finding new users by exposing them to Toodledo in a new venue. In fact, there should be an official Toodledo app in there just to keep someone else from posting one that you don't have control of.

Also, I am a user of the ToodleChrome extension and love it. If eliot is still out there, thanks for a great extension!
Canyon Russell

Posted: Aug 04, 2011

OK, so i never really used the "sidebar hiding" before. But the new implementation is so slick, I'm going to start using it.

Great update, keep up the great work.
Canyon Russell

Posted: Jul 26, 2011

In GTD, context aren't the nexus of any number of tool and place combinations. They are simply the easiest subset of "limitations" on whether you can do a task or not.

For example my Context list is


So if I'm at Home, with my computer, and my phone. I could do tasks from any of those contexts. If I'm at work, with a computer, and a phone I can do any from those contexts. If I'm waiting to pick up a friend from the Dr. office, then I may only have my phone, and therefore could only do tasks from that context. I even have some "computer" tasks on my Home context list because I can only do them on my home computer, not my work computer. The limiting factor is home, not computer. Things I can do on either I put in the computer context.

I have People under a different set of lists marked as "Agendas" that I can reference when ever I speak to them, either on the phone or in person. I use my Phone context for people I need to call whom I don't have an agenda list for or that I need to initiate the contact with, not just wait until i see them again.

Context's aren't about limiting what you can do, it's a step in the process phase. What limitations do i have on doing the next action of this project? If i can only do it at home (clean the stovetop) then I shouldn't have to look at that task again until I'm at home and it's an option for me to do. Then I can use other criteria, such as available time and personal energy level, to see if that is what i will do. That's part of the GTD concept of "having all the thinking done" and just being able to do the tasks. This is why having tasks as true "next actions" and not as results is so important. If it has multiple, even two, actions then they might be in different contexts. That's why that would be a project and projects don't have contexts. Projects are results and tasks are physical actions. Physical actions have contexts.

The real trick with contexts is to have exactly as many as you need, but no more.
Canyon Russell

Posted: Mar 18, 2011

Let me be the first to say this here, as it was already mentioned on andy's site.

Toodledo should buy this code and rebrand it as their official android app.

Let the discussion begin.
Canyon Russell

Posted: Jul 10, 2009
From Topic: TooDo and Android

I am also concerned that TooDo doesn't run correctly on the latest Android version 1.5 and hasn't been updated since March. I would like to know if anyone is working on an Official Toodledo app for Android?

Canyon Russell

Posted: Jan 18, 2009


Copy and Paste. I really don't think that I'm going to need to spin up a new project faster than that.

One of the other things I'm focusing on is not "Capturing" into Toodledo. I have a LoFi capturing system and only put things into Evernote/Toodledo after it has been processed (What outcome does this represent and what is the next action.) I found that by trying to skip the "Processing" step and just capture into my system I ended up with many "Outcomes" as next actions. Often these were not clearly defined or shouldn't be currently active.
Canyon Russell

Posted: Jan 15, 2009

I think an important distinction, that I have only recently come to, is the dividing line between the Project list and the Someday/Maybe list.

The Project list, as described by David, is only your "Active Projects".
The Someday/maybe list is the "All Projects I could ever do" list.

I think this misunderstanding was one of my early stumbling blocks with GTD. I was trying to keep a "Master Project" list and ultimately felt overwhelmed by it. It seems much more reasonable to make the Someday/Maybe list the "Master" list and only move projects to the "Projects" list when you are actively working on them. Each week in the Review (you are doing weekly reviews, right?) you look at both lists. Then you decide, for the coming week, which projects need to move from the Someday list to the Projects list, and which need to go from Projects back to Someday because you aren't going to do anything on them this week.

As this applies to Toodledo, I am "Rebooting" my GTD system right now and my plan is to create folders for my "Active Projects" and keep both my "Projects" and "Someday/Maybe" lists in Evernote along with all my "support materials". This leaves Toodledo for what it does best: Track Actions.

I hope this helps, I know it was a major revelation to me.
Canyon Russell

Posted: Jan 15, 2009

I would love to see a delegation feature that allows delegation to people not using Toodledo.

I would imagine that you could create a "delegation task" that would ask for an email address. It would then put a "follow up" or "waiting for" task in your list. It also emails a "this has been delegated to you" email to the address entered. This email could contain a "click when finished" link that when followed marks the waiting for task as done and creates a "review delegated task" in your normal list.

Just a suggestion.
Canyon Russell

Posted: Jan 14, 2009

Let me make sure to mention that the Slim version should also support Gears. The Android platform has gears support and that would quickly make an offline Android client a reality.
Canyon Russell

Posted: Jan 07, 2009

If you look under the Firefox "Tools" menu you should see a Toodledo submenu. On that menu there is a "Settings..." option. That will bring up a dialog box where you can input your username and password.
Canyon Russell

Posted: Jan 04, 2009

2nd! this would be awesome.

Great idea.
Canyon Russell

Posted: Dec 31, 2008

I just found a great solution for this using Google calendar.

Rather than using the Google calendar Gadget I used the iCal subscription and now any items with a due date show up on my Google Calendar, and therefor on my G1. I use a different color than my regular calendar so I know where they came from. I also use the Due Date modifiers to control how they show up. If you just have a due date but no time it makes a regular appointment that lasts all day. But if you use the "=" date modifier you get an "all day" appointment that just sits up at the top of the calendar.

This is my new favorite feature of Toodledo. Unfortunately Google calendar only refreshes the iCal every 24 hours so things you create today won't show up until tomorrow. I can only assume that iCal on the mac would do something similar for those using iPhones.
Canyon Russell

Posted: Dec 31, 2008
From Topic: Task Templates

That's awesome! I will absolutely use this until they can implement it as a feature.

Thank You!
Canyon Russell

Posted: Dec 31, 2008

I think they did this already.
If I go to the "View By: Folders" I can click on "Toggle Dividers" and get just the list of Folders. And they open as I click on their names.

Here is a suggestion, although it may be a bit cumbersome, Tooodledo could post in the "Request" threads when they implement a feature that was requested.
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