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Posted: Jan 12, 2012

I have many folders.
The "no Folders" option is show at the foot of the list in the left hand panel. It's a very important folder (ie unallocated tasks), so surely it makes sense for it to eb at the top of the list.
Great app tooldledo, I'm very pleased to pay the money to have this....

Posted: Jan 06, 2012

I love toodeldo and will still use it for perosnal tasks , but at work I'd like to use it bu need to be able to link tasks together to make the start of one dependent on the end of another - like in project.
I'm evaluating smartsheet with project and currently prefer smartsheet, but it is not as good a as toodeldo in many ways (particularly for use on android with DGTDGD).
Conclusion is use toodeldo for home, smartsheet for work but it costs $80/yr. So thought I'd see whether you guys have any plans to implement dependancies. Please, just simple ones...

Posted: Sep 13, 2011

"Toodledo does not currently support manual sorting of tasks or subtasks, although this is planned for a future update. " qute form Toodledo support..

So how best to order them!

I currently have Tags to indicate the order sub tasks should be done in. This works as you can then order the tasks by the tag field. Not ideal. There really needs to be a "subtask priority" field. Which Toodledo are probably doing now...

I'm thinking that as well as a "priority" a task should have a "folder priority" and The current "priority" field becomes a "hotlist" priority field, which is used to determine what needs to be done whether at home or work.
This will let you interact with you "work" tasks and "home" tasks seperately (by setting up folders for them).
But I think I'm spouinting rubbish now...

Posted: Sep 07, 2011

I found the help page once and havn't been abel to find it again.

I would suggest that the help page should contain a simple summary of thet special characters used to help define the task when it arrives ie like this one I made earlier:

@Context eg Use @@Fred For a Contents named @Fred