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Posted: Jul 07, 2012

Programming I can do. The issue here is extend-ability. The last thing I desire is needing more custom software as that takes away from being able to teach others how to use Toodledo and tie into a practical GTD System.

Is there a way that a grease monkey script or custom search provider could be set up? To Search Toodledo.

Also when I tried searching toodledo from Main/All Task/ it seems the tags are omitted from being searched. Is this by Design?

Posted: Jul 03, 2012

Would doing this via the api bring up the results in a web browser?

Posted: Jul 01, 2012

I want to do a little specialized tracking using toodledo.
Is is possible to pass a query parameter to the url such as "https://www.toodledo.com/tasks/index.php?tag=1271958" and find all the task that contain the tag 1271958. Setting up a custom search would not be practical as there will be hundreds of numbers added over time and many task for each number.
I want to be able to click on a link in my Evernote and then have it take me to toodledo and display all the task with the specified tag number.

Posted: Nov 24, 2011

I a big fan of GTD and Toodledo. I have all my task in here. Today I found myself needing to go to several places and I have one or more task assigned for each one. I have many places to visit and take care of this task.

I was thinking How can I use toodledo to show me all the places I have to go today and then what to do at each. What I to do when I get to a location is not an issue as I assign the task a location and use Ultimate To-Do-List for Android.

There must be an efficient way to do this and I know some of you guys are experts at this. What might me a best practice for this to help avoid doing duplicate information and wasting unnecessary time.

I could see me wanting to use this process often in other ways as well similar to how you would set up an itinerary.

Posted: Nov 24, 2011

I'm IN, ya baby!

Posted: Nov 15, 2011

Could you guys please just get this DONE!

Posted: Oct 11, 2011

ME TOO! I want Multiple levels of sub-task as well. :)

Posted: Oct 11, 2011

I am finding that my saved searches are getting cut off and this is frustrating as some of my saved searches are similar in name thus making it impossible to tell the difference between them at a glance. I have to hold the mouse over the name to see the tooltip.

The would be solved if I could view my saved searches in a different view or if I could simply re-size the navigation bar. Is this possible? Am I missing something?
This is important to me as it is the saved searches that I need access to the most.

P.S. would love to see saved searches in the Firefox Toodledo sidebar. This would actually make it useful for me.

Posted: Oct 11, 2011
From Topic: Official Android App

I have started using Ultimate To-Do-List for android. It syncs very well with Toodledo and seemed to be the best on the market that I could find. Plus it has a dark theme as well and I live that part.


Posted: Oct 11, 2011

I use gSyncit to sync between Toodledo and Outlook. gSyncit syncs all my task to outlook so I can just drag a task in outlook to the calendar.

Had to pay a little bit of money for the plugin but I love it. Has many features.