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Posted: May 14, 2012

Hi everyone,

I have actually swapped the roles of TD and Evernote. This is because of the flexibility of what Evernote can handle: images, audio recordings, photos, emails, to-do lists, and the fact that it seamlessly integrates with my mobile phone.

I have all my emails sent from both my personal and work email addresses to Evernote, where it is triaged along with meeting minutes, whiteboard pictures, voice memos and turned into actions.

Because Evernote has no time-sensitive task management features, I use TD to record any tasks that have a due date/time. I then have TD send me emails when the task is due, so that I get them into my main 'stuff' folder.

Within Evernote, I have a series of saved searches what reflect the task priority and context (work/home/calls), that allows me to flip between them effortlessly.

If Evernote release a decent task management feature set, I can't see myself sticking around with TD. If TD integrated with Evernote, then, well...

Posted: Mar 21, 2012

I've made the switch and am now forwarding all my emails to Evernote for analysis and storage (the excellent indexed search is a winner). After triage, I am capturing tasks in TD and managing these as normal.

Posted: Mar 17, 2012

I have been using this approach for a few weeks now. I agree with the original poster's objective of being able to review tasks that come within an email as this was what I planned to do also.

However, where it was slightly less than satisfactory is in sorting out reference material. This is why I've pivoted my set up and am instead forwarding all my emails to my Evernote account into an Inbox notebook. I sort through this daily/weekly and put any tasks into Toodledo. This is also very handy as I can process camera photos, audio files, voice memos taken using my mobile phone and share them with TD later on.

Posted: Mar 17, 2012

Hi everyone,

Thought I would share my setup with you in case anyone had any useful suggestions.

I am trying a flavour of GTD, which is reflected in my set up.

I am relying on TD for my main GTD inbox for all my 'Stuff' - this also applies to email. I have set up my work GMail address to forward all mails to my TD account as soon as they are received.

Within TD, I have set up a saved search called 'Inbox', which is all tasks without a context, status or folder. I check this 2-3 times each day, processing all my tasks directly from the email content inside TD. If I need to reply to an email (for a task that will take <2mins), I will load up GMail inside the browser and do a quick text-based search for the sender and respond there and then. Otherwise, I will brainstorm any next actions and organise them accordingly.

Evernote is another GTD inbox for 'Stuff' - not quite as important as TD, but great for capturing photos of whiteboard sessions, posters, voicememos, meeting minutes etc. It also is used as my Reference system, due to its brilliant indexed search and OCR functionality (even with my terrible handwriting). If I find an email in my TD inbox that needs to be saved for reference, I locate the email and send it to Evernote for filing. It would be great - no, brilliant - if I could synch my Evernote notebook stacks with TD and add items marked 'Reference' to these stacks automatically!

Moleskine notebook
Sometimes it's only appropriate to use a pen and paper. My trusty Moleskine performs very well in this role. Fitting nicely into the pocket of my jacket, I can whip it out and take notes at any time. I enter any tasks or notes into TD or Evernote during my weekly review or sooner.

Android GTD TD App (DGTALE)
This is an excellent free Android app that integrates very well with TD. This is used for when I am out and about. I use the voice entry functionality for dictating quick tasks.

My typical daily workflow is this:
1. Check TD inbox saved search and process, delete, file all new bits of stuff.</li>
2. Check any date sensitive next action tasks using TD calendar (Overdue, Today etc)</li>
3. Go to status view and select Next Actions</li>
4. Do work!

Does anyone use anything similar? The philosophy for me is to reduce my inboxes for Stuff and put TD at the heart of everything. I am considering swapping the roles of TD and Evernote and having my mail forwarded to Evernote first and then any actions.

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