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Posted: Sep 08, 2011

This topic was addressed several years ago, per the forum. I haven't found a solution to it yet. I am a fairly new Toodledoo user and am generally happy with the product, but this is a very annoying feature. Upon completion, when you click on a task in the Overdue section, it still remains in the Overdue section. Why can't the task be moved when completed to its' folder? I realize I can go to the "Show" menu up top (to the right of the field that allows you to add a task) and unclick recently completed tasks, but then the tasks disappear altogether, even from their respective folders. That doesn't allow one to really feel a sense of completion. Please help by addressing this! Thank you so much!

Posted: Sep 02, 2011
From Topic: Tags

How do you add tags to posts so that if I'm searching for a particular post, I can find it more easily?