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Posted: Sep 25, 2012

Thank you very much. I should have been able to find that. Sorry to bother.

Posted: Sep 25, 2012

All of a sudden, all my notes are expanded and not hidden. I tried against IE & Chrome, so this isn't some sudden browser thing. What do I need to do to default these to hidden again?

Very frustrating since many of my items are created via a forwarded email.

Posted: Aug 23, 2012

I would love to see the ability to have more than a single email address that will create a task. Then have the ability to set default context, status, etc, etc per address.

This would allow me to have people or automated systems have their own ability to slip something into my ToodleDo. Perfect feature for a Pro user.

I hope you take this into consideration and don't think it would be very difficult to create.

Posted: Aug 16, 2012

I feel it is redundant to when you are viewing by folder to have the folder column still display since it seperates them anyway. Just a pet peeve I would like to see go away at some point.

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Posted: Jun 27, 2012

It is limited functionality, but you could enable your RSS feed in Toodledo and have a trigger in IFTT for any new items added.

Posted: Jun 22, 2012
From Topic: Email task list

Thank you very much. Any chance this will have some options in the future for fields, information and styling?

Speaking of which, how in the world can I remove the ToodleDoo logo and info when I use the print funtion? Not very professional to hand out in a meeting.

Posted: Jun 21, 2012
From Topic: Email task list

I would like to email a list of all tasks in a folder or all the subs. From an ipad would be awesome, but from the web would work too.

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