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Posted: Oct 24, 2009
From Topic: Reorder subtasks

This is why I had to stop using Toodledo. I really wanted it to be able to handle projects like Things, but I at least needed the option to manually reorder tasks. Just checking in. I guess I'll have to keep waiting :-/ It'll be great once it comes.

Posted: Dec 06, 2008
From Topic: Biggest Time Sinks

1st off... damn you Toodledo for that link!

Qrystal, right with you. If I spent as much time doing rather than trying to look up how to do it better, I'd get all my crap done!

Posted: Jul 20, 2008

Posted by sven:
I'm sure you've received flack before for the name Toodledo...

But what a fantastic and sophisticated program... with a name that sounds like a dandy fop (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fop) were prancing around waiving his hands and calling it out with glee.

Seriously though -- you should really think about changing it. It's especially embarrassing if you link Toodledo up with Jott, which thinks that it's pronounced like "Toledo-doh". It's really hard to be in a public place (like a bus or train) yelling "TOODLE DOO!" over and over into your phone without looking like an idiot.
I was trying to show off the Jott feature to my wife, and she busted out laughing (almost crying) as I repeated "TOODLE DOO!" into my phone while trying to look serious.

Anyone else feel this way?



Posted: Jul 20, 2008
From Topic: Delete Task

Posted by Toodledo:
In account settings under "fields used" there is a checkbox for a "trash can". If you enable this, it will put a trashcan next to all of your tasks for easy deletion. If you leave it unchecked, the trashcan will appear only next to completed tasks.

Hope that helps.

Lordy! Thank YOU!!! I just thought that field meant what you've ALREADY thrown away 8)