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Posted: Mar 08, 2009

Did your upgrades affect the timing of tasks? I noticed this weekend that dates appear to be off when I am sorting my lists. For example, I have a bunch of tasks with a due date of March 9, which is obviously tomorrow. However, they are appearing under the "Due Today" section when sorting by due date. Are you having this problem across all users, or is there possibly something corrupt in my account? Thanks for the help.

Posted: Feb 22, 2009
From Topic: Sales by Month

Good Evening. Thanks to everyone at Toodledo for doing such an awesome job. This tool has been such a huge help in organizing my life! I was wondering if there was a way to have a column calculate numbers, rather than minutes? For example, I'm in sales and it would be very helpful to enter a client name, choose the appropriate month as the folder, and enter the forecasted sales in a separate column to be calculated similar to the Duration column. Is this feature available, or can something similar be accomplished using Toodledo? Thanks!

Posted: Nov 30, 2008
From Topic: File Sync to iPhone?

I'm considering an upgrade to the ProPlus account to get the file storage feature, but am wondering if you have plans to add file access on the iPhone app for this? I'm quickly converting to a completely digital world, and having access to my files on my iPhone would be great. And having the ability to email them from the app would be great as well.