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Posted: 1 day ago

Hi Bridget. Good work so far in the changes to the main Toodledo page.

Posted by Bridget:
I'd like to hear specific scenarios and use cases to better understand your perspective on these three subjects.
Do you expect us to know the meaning of "use cases"? :-/

Over the years, there have been hundreds (or thousands?) of posts with a wide variety of suggestions and comments, many of them followed by Jake's response: "We can't comment on a timeframe for implementation, but this is on our to-do list."
(More recent posts say "This is on our to-do list, but it is our policy to not comment on our roadmap or delivery dates for future feature improvements" unless they are from Sabina in which case the response is still "We can't comment on a time frame, but this item is on our to-do list.")

One justification for these tiresome posts has been that Toodledo is logging those suggestions in "the list". You should be able to go through that list and get the feedback you need.

Also, is the following post by Jake still true today?
One thing to keep in mind is that only about 3% of our users have ever set foot in the forums, and an even smaller fraction have posted a comment. So, what you read in the forums shouldn't really be used as a general barometer for the desires of the entire user base.
From https://www.toodledo.com/forums/1/7343/-38531/read.html

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Posted: 7 days ago

Very impressive!
And it looks good on my iPhone.

Posted: 7 days ago

And the idea is exactly six years old today:
One-line Quick Add feature that works like e-mail.

Interesting that almost all the suggestions are for "Phase 4: Tasks section facelift."

Anyway, here are some more suggestions:

A better alternative to the spreadsheet format. Something like the Multi-Line format but with more than two fields when viewing the list.

Remove the connection between selecting which fields are available and making the corresponding View available. For example, if I make the Priority field available, the Priority View automatically becomes available in the left menu, but maybe I don't want it to be visible. Likewise with Status and Goal. Maybe I just want to be able to sort by that field or use it in a Search. Having those extra Views on the left just clutters the screen.

Edit multiple tasks without having to use Search and Multi-Edit.
Move a subtask from one task to another without having to drag it
Ability to specify colors for various Folders and Contexts.
Hierarchical Contexts, i.e. a context that includes other contexts. The related contexts share the same color or have variations of the same color.
Combine or link Context and Location.
Better implementation of Goals. See Sorting goals intelligently.
Choose different fields for various Views.
Ability to move Tasks to Notes and vice versa.
Ability to link Notes to Tasks.
View shared tasks along with non-shared tasks.

And then there's the iOS app ...

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Posted: Sep 12, 2014
From Topic: sorting tags

To sort tags alphabetically, go to Account Settings, Tasks, Display Preferences.

Posted: Sep 11, 2014

Posted by Jake:
Phase 1: Redesign the home page for new non-Toodledo users. Because new customers do not have any expectations about Toodledo, this is safe place to start.
What is a "new non-Toodledo user"? Also, everyone has expectations, including "new customers".

I would reverse the order of the phases. The essence of Toodledo is the task list. Start there and make it work better. (Design is more than veneer, right?) Improve the look and feel with an eye towards greater effectiveness. Then carry over the new design elements to Notes, Outlines and Lists, and then update the secondary pages.

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Posted: Aug 18, 2014

Thanks, Salgud. [Johnny Carson]I did not know that.[/Johnny Carson].

I see that Stepan Pachikov is listed as "Founder" here: https://evernote.com/corp/team.php

Maybe Toodledo and Evernote should team up before the IPO ...

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Posted: Aug 16, 2014

Perhaps just words but some very good words from Evernote's founder:
... there comes a time when ... it's more important to improve existing features than to add new ones. More important to make our existing users happier than to just add more new users.
From https://blog.evernote.com/blog/2014/01/04/on-software-quality/

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Posted: Aug 15, 2014

Salgud, are you still using Evernote?

It is difficult (not impossible) for me to understand why anyone would use Notes in Toodledo when something like Evernote is available. Yeah, you might not need to add photos from your smartphone camera, or drag and drop files from your desktop, or annotate those files, or scan and save documents, or clip and save info from websites, or create voice memos, or format text, or add tables and bullet lists, or create stacks and hierarchical tags, or create links among your notes, or add geotags, or encrypt pieces of text, or edit the creation date, or share your notebooks and files with other users, but why give up the powerful search abilities in Evernote?

Posted by Salgud
This renders the Notes tab, the oldest of the add-ons in TD, virtually useless for my, and most, purposes.
You must have missed all the useful hints in the Help section. Oh, wait! There aren't any ... :-\

Toodledo is probably the most powerful online task manager. But (as Jake says), they have a small team, working as hard as they can. There have been very few improvements to Notes in the past five years.

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Posted: Aug 13, 2014
From Topic: Attachments

Some websites allow you to view some types of files within your browser, e.g. Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Box and Evernote all let you view your photos and pdf files. This is because those websites have a "viewer" that can display those types of files within your browser. For various other types of files, you have to download and save the file first and then open it in whatever software was used to create it.

Toodledo does not have a viewer.

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Posted: Aug 01, 2014
From Topic: New ideas

Gantt chart, five years ago:

Subtasks with subtasks, six years ago:

Posted: Jul 25, 2014

Search for "task dependency" in the forums and you'll find several topics, some from 2008.

Here's a long discussion that started on January 1, 2011:

Two relevant posts:
Posted by jeff.covey
This has been discussed by many people and promised for many years. I do hope it will finally happen.
Posted by gstarrett
Would love to see dependencies on tasks -- specifically if the "waiting" status could be tripped to "next action" once it's dependent task(s) are done!

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Posted: Jul 22, 2014


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Posted: Jul 17, 2014

Check your time zone setting here:

Posted: Jul 07, 2014

In Settings, Display Preferences:

Third item from the top.

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Posted: Jul 05, 2014
From Topic: Bookmark issue

Kent, Jake's instructions are for the toodledo.com website.
Jake, Kent has posted two images that demonstrate that he is using the Mac Menu Bar App.

Posted: May 07, 2014


Sometimes it seems that Jake fails the Turing test ...

Anyway, if there was a URL, he would have told you what it is. There isn't, so now your question has become a suggestion for a new feature.

Posted: Apr 11, 2014

This makes a lot of sense in the Saved Searches.

And it is useful in Main view:
"All tasks" sorted Alphabetically, or perhaps by Date Added.
Hotlist sorted by Importance or Priority, along with something like Due Date, Start Date or Star.
Recently Added, Recently Modified, Recently Completed sorted by the corresponding field.

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Posted: Apr 02, 2014
From Topic: Lists on iPhone App

Yes, it is still not available.

And this breaking news is just in: Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.

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Posted: Apr 01, 2014

You can reschedule the task for the next occurrence.

You can complete the task and then delete the completed task. The next instance of the recurring task will still exist.

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Posted: Mar 24, 2014
From Topic: Log in record

Perhaps this is what you're looking for: https://www.toodledo.com/activity.php
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