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Posted: Oct 07, 2012

I have established the syncing of my Toodledo tasks with Google Calendar. Apart from the ridiculously slow update cycle at Google, this works fine.

However, I would like to see *completed* tasks in the calendar, too. When did I complete what tasks? How effective am I in completing tasks on what day? etc.

I have not found a way to do this through the various options of syncing.

Posted: Dec 30, 2010

Thank you, the "coming soon" is good news!

Posted: Dec 29, 2010

So many words - and still no answer to my question: How do you sort tasks by decreasing length as a secondary criterion? (Declaring the problem as unimportant is always worth a try, thank you.)

Should I concluded this is a bug, then? Any opinions from Toodledo?

Anyway, I am grateful to have learned to use the friendly "butt ugly" rather than the nasty "haphazardly designed" ;-)

Posted: Dec 29, 2010

Fine if not everybody agrees on the importance of doing big tasks first. Those who don't may want to ponder the advice I got a decade ago (and followed ever since with much success): given sand, pebbles, and rocks to put in a jar, starting with the sand or pebbles will not get you very far...

Regarding your test, you may want to repeat it in a setting where sorting for length is not the only criterion. In my case, it is the third (after due date and context). I am looking forward to positive test results and concrete advice on how to do it!

Those who know about usability engineering may share some of my concerns about "haphazard" design. Consistency is one of the rock bottom rules, and it is lacking all over the place in Toodledo.

But do not get me wrong: like democracy, Toodledo is the worst, apart from all the other options. I have used it for several years now, after giving up on half a dozen other systems before, over the time of 30 years. Yet, I am always looking forward to learning things that I "did not get".

Friendliness is really important and includes, for some, not telling others that they are not getting it or learn haphazardly. It is much appreciated, as long as it also contains some actual help. I apologize for not stating my problem (multi-criteria sorting) more precisely before.

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Posted: Dec 28, 2010

One of the first things any time management book tells you is to start with big (long) tasks - but Toodledo does not seem to support sorting by decreasing task length. What am I missing?

This is just one example of the many, many things in Toodledo that seem haphazardly designed (consider saving, for another example). I already start regretting the upgrade to pro.

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