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Posted: May 27, 2014
From Topic: Toodledo Android App

Since the current version of the Android app keeps giving me problems (daily recurring tasks are multiplied after completing...), I'd like to try the beta version.
Since I 'backed' the development of the android app, I should be able to get access to the beta (Every backer gets 'Early access to beta copies' say the backer page on app.net), but I'm still searching where I find the beta... (Unless the version on Google Play is the beta, which I doubt, since that seems to be within everybody's reach...)

Posted: Mar 26, 2014

I have many repeating tasks in my Toodledo, and that doesn't seem to work with the android app.
Shortly after I check off a task, it reappears in my list.

(I use Michael Linenbergers MYN setup in toodledo, so most of my tasks have a startdate and no due date.)
So when I check off a task with start-day is today and repeat is daily from due-date, it should reappear tomorrow. It does fine when I check it off on the website, but when I do it on the android app it comes back on the same day.

Posted: Jan 27, 2014

I love Toodledo, but the lack of a complete Android app is getting annoying.
The mobile site is far too basic (no saved searches), and most android app lack support for start date (or at least lack support for filtering on start date).
Ultimate todo list gives me the best filtering possibilities and saves those searches in 'my views' but it's ugly... and dgt gtd isn't bad either - and I love the 'hide until' feature in the latter. No custom filtering however.

So I'm still waiting for a fullblown native app that lets me make use of my saved searches, and gives me the possibility to use the start-date in searches.

Posted: Nov 04, 2012

GTD/DGT is indeed a good app (and a good designed app), and has a very responsive developer. However, I don't use it, because I often got problems with repeating subtasks while syncing (duplication of subtasks). I now use Ultimate ToDo-list, who's UI I don't like, but it works better for me.

Posted: Oct 20, 2012

@docpat2511: it's just for only this reason that I decided not to switch to Chrome/Chromium... :-(

Posted: Sep 24, 2012
From Topic: completed tasks

As long as you stay on the same page, tasks that have been checked off stay visible as long as the page isn't refreshed. After a refresh, or after having been in a different folder, the tasks should have disappeared.
What are the other properties of those tasks (due, start-date, recurrency....) that don't disappear?

Posted: Sep 13, 2012

I don't have this issue. But I'm wondering... are you syncing with a 3th party app that has less levels of priority?

Posted: Sep 13, 2012

Posted by Glenn Huther:
I ended up using this one http://www.todolist.co/

It's not pretty but it's powerful, pretty easy to enter tasks with quickly.

I'd suggest you add the new task widget to your home screen and change the settings to put you straight into "my views".(...)

'Not pretty' is quite an understatement... It's the ugliest of the 3th pary apps I tried, but me too I ended up using this one.
Like Glenn Hunter, I have a shortcut that takes me straight into 'my views'.
(And what worked for me to make it a little bit prettier was changing the font size...)

Posted: Sep 13, 2012

I have lots of tasks repeating on a daily/weekly/monthly base.
I've tried DGT GTD, which I like very much, and the app has a very responsive developer. However, when you have repeating tasks with repeating subtasks, this app tends to duplicate the subtasks on syncing. So this is not a recommended app when you rely on repeating subtasks.
I use now the paid version of Ultimate ToDo-list, which is ugly on the first view (but looks somewhat better when you change the fontsize), but it works quite well.

Posted: Sep 10, 2012

None of my tasks have a due date (all have a start date - I more-or-less use the method described by Michael Linenberger http://michaellinenberger.com/free1MTD.htm), and many of them are recurring tasks.

If you want those tasks to repeat several times on the same day, I guess this is not possible.
But otherwise you could set the repeat to 'daily' and 'from completion date', and give the task as start date 'today'
When you complete such a task today, it will be again in your list with start date tomorrow. (Of course, it won't be visible today, unless you create a search that includes tasks with start date tomorrow. When it is a task you'd like to complete a second time today, just check it off again, and since you have it set to repeat 'from completion', the 'new' start date is again tomorrow.

Now, when there is a task that you want to be able to complete several times a day, you could start by creating one instance of the task with start date today and daily repeat from completion. Then make as many clones from the task as you will at most do in a day. (Want to repeat 'drink a glass of water' 6 to 8 times a day? Create 8 clones of the task. Every time you check one off, it will disappear, and reappear on your list for tomorrow...)

Posted: Sep 06, 2012

It was in 2008 that I first paid for a pro-subscription, allthough I didn't really need the features.. (but started using them soon after...)
And it was yesterday that I decided to pay for a pro Plus, allthough I thought I didn't need it... (and today I already uploaded a file... Why adding the task to prepare a meeting and file the papers I need to read somewhere else, when I can have them with the task?)

Posted: Sep 03, 2012

I don't have these problems with Chrome (21.0.1180.89 on OS Linux)

Posted: Sep 01, 2012

DGT GTD Toodledo is only an add-on for the DGT GTD app.
So you have to install DGT GTD as well.

I do like DGT GTD, but not in connection with Toodledo, as I have the impression DGT GTD tends to duplicate subtasks during sync...
(I use Ultimate ToDo (paid) now)

Posted: Aug 30, 2012

I guess Eddiemoto wants an address that can be used to send mails for task with context @home and priority medium, another address that automatically goes to @errands and yet another to @work with priority top.

I should suggest Eddiemoto to make some default email templates that contain the wished for combinations of context, status etc...

Posted: Aug 29, 2012

Today I found out my set-up was not unfailable...
I had a task ending today, with a subtask ending yesterday.

I have a saved searched for tasks with due date before tomorrow, or a start date before tomorrow, or without due date. (as in Salgud's 'Trusted system'https://www.toodledo.com/forums/3/14563/0/my-trusted-system.html)
But yesterday the subtask (due date yesterday) didn't show up.

Of course, today the parent task (due date today) turned up, with the 'over-due' subtask.

Any suggestions how to have a subtask show up in time?

ETA: and again I found the solution immediately after I posted my question...
For a parent-task with subtasks that have a due date before the due-date of the parent, I have to assign a start-date to the parent, that's before the due-date of the first sub-task...

This message was edited Aug 29, 2012.

Posted: Aug 27, 2012
From Topic: A TD Grocery List

@M: if you do have an Android phone, you might try ToMarket...
It has all features that Salgud has in this Toodledo implementation, and unit prices by store. You can also set up the aisles for each store like you come by them...
But I must admit it takes some time to set up everything...

Posted: Aug 27, 2012

I thought I could use parent-/subtasks for grouping related tasks, but I have problems implementing this when the subtasks have different frequencies.

An example:
Task A - repeat: daily / due by: today
Subtask A1 - repeat: with parent
Subtask A2 - repeat: every monday, wednesday and saturday / due ON the next mon, wed, sat
Subtask A3 - repeat: every monday / due ON monday

Completing the task on monday moves the task with its subtasks to tuesday, but subtasks A2 and A3, that are due on wednesday or on the next monday, are 'cluttering' the list under 'tomorrow' in a view on duedate.

I really like to keep the subtasks together, because they are closely related, and on a day that I have to do more than the daily repeating tasks, I want to see immediately which 'non-daly' repeating subtasks there are for that task. But I don't want to see the tasks due ON monday when it's wednesday, because I always have to double-check (even in the 'by due-date view') which is the exact due-date.

Could someone point me to a method I could get subtasks repeating at different frequencies, in a way that I only see the subtasks that are really due on that day?

ETA: I should have looked a little closer at the 'Tips and Tricks' forum. I found the solution in Salgud 'Trusted System' https://www.toodledo.com/forums/3/14563/0/my-trusted-system.html

This message was edited Aug 27, 2012.

Posted: Aug 27, 2012

Thank you for the fast reaction...
I guess I'll return to FireFox then. Haven't found a competitor yet that has all the features that I want...

Posted: Aug 26, 2012

Google Chrome version Version 21.0.1180.81 (latest) on Ubuntu Linux 11.10.

I recently started using Chrome instead of FireFox as default browser.
In FF I have no problems using Toodledo, but in Chrome I seem to be unable to select a repeat for a task. I get the dropdown-menu, but it immediately disappears before I can select anything.

Is this a known issue?

Posted: Aug 31, 2010
From Topic: auto repeat

When entering a repeat,you have the possibility to 'repeat from due date' or 'repeat from completion date'.
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