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Posted: Oct 12, 2012

I love toodledo. However I keep encountering one problem: When sending Hebrew messages via Outlook (Desktop or Web - hotmail) letters become gibberish (funny letters).
The strange thing is that, when I send the same message from outlook/hotmail to gmail, and then to my toodledo mail address, the message turns out just fine.
Ant suggestions?

Posted: Feb 17, 2012
From Topic: Translators Needed

I will help you translate it to Hebrew

Posted: Oct 12, 2011

Thanks for answering. I looked further into it, and you're right - it does work for the main view. However it doesn't work for the different search lists.

What I mean is, that I editted a few search lists - each with different creteria. I guess it is not possible to determine a different sort to every single search list.

Am I right?

Posted: Oct 09, 2011


Is there a way to fix different sort options to different views.

For example:
In view by MAIN - sort1: Priority , sort2: Starred
In view by Context - sort1: Contex , sort2: Priority

At the moment it seems that changing the sort options takes affect at all views.


Posted: Oct 08, 2011
From Topic: "Start Time" feature

I meant "Timer" feature...sorry

What is it actually good for?

First of all, I have no idea what to do with it.
then, Most of the time I forget stopping it...

A suggestion: A stopper instead of a timer.

- The stopper would use the "length" feature as a
- It will beep on time (when it gets to zero)
- it will continue counting after it gets to zero, so that
We could easily know the overall time and the gap time between planned time and actual time.

What do you think?

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Posted: Oct 04, 2011
From Topic: Daily costum planner


Posted: Oct 04, 2011

Thanks for your reply.
I'll try to further explain.
Lets assume Im working on 5 different big projects a month.
Each project has many tasks to accomplish.
All projects shoul be accomplished by the end of the month.
Now, At the begining of each week, I wish to schedule different specufic tasks.

Mon - 3 tasks in project 1 + 2 tasks in project 2 etc
Tue - 2 tasks on project 3 + 1 task on project 2 etc
Wed - 2 tasks on project 4 + 3 tasks pn project 5
Thu -
I wonder how could this be accomplished on TD

The tasks are not usually repeating themselves

A big queue is not effective when planning big projects. I should plan in advance in order to complete the projecs on time

I hope Im more clear now about my question

Posted: Oct 03, 2011
From Topic: Daily costum planner


I'm an ex RTM user. I'm learning to enjoy TD
(Second post already)

I'm trying to figure out a way to organize my tasks everyday.

At the moment I use the star function to select the tasks which I need to work on at a specific day.

is there a way to organize the tasks in a costum order? (not by an automated sort) so that I could sort the tasks by myself?

I thought on using "tags" or "start time" for that purpose, but it's not that elegant solution and a change in schedule might require a drastic change in all the daily tasks.

Which brings me to my primary question: Is it possible to costumize the tasks in my own order?



Posted: Oct 03, 2011


I'm an ex RTM user. I'm learning to enjoy TD.

I was wondering how it's best, in your exprience, to make a weekly schedule (weekly planner), so that each day has several planned tasks pre-scheduled.

BTW: I try not to use "fake" due dates, unless my task has a real due date.

Thanks for replying

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