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Big Fred

Posted: Nov 04, 2013

I am looking for a way to multi edit from my iPhone. After searching for a while I could not find this feature. Could someone let me know if this is possible and where I can locate multi editing.
Big Fred

Posted: Jul 16, 2013

I understand the reasoning behind the behavior, but I would suggest making that feature an optional behavior. For me I really do believe it is slowing down the expirence of the app with unnecessary clicks to move and complete task while also adding a mess on my screen. I am much happier with a cleaner look to my list.

Also thank you for the quickest way to refresh tip.
Big Fred

Posted: Jul 16, 2013

I am having an issue with tasks showing up twice on my iPhone. I have my settings not to show future tasks. When I have a recurring task, and mark it completed; the task then appears directly under the completed task. This makes it harder to go through tasks when trying to mark things completed. As shown in the pictures below. Is there any way to not allow the task to appear after completion?

My settings

A task

A task after completion

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Big Fred

Posted: Oct 13, 2012

May I make a suggestion for Toodledo -- one that will save users just one keystroke? When I hit the Multi-Edit button and then click on the date button, can Toodledo AUTOMATICALLY then put me into the date field rather than me having to mouse or tab over to it? That would be so great that I think it just might lead to peace in the Middle East. Thanks.
Big Fred

Posted: Jun 11, 2012

Good point. Thanks.
Big Fred

Posted: Jun 09, 2012

I have a question regarding the iPhone app.

After I sync, the app requires me to wait like 30-40 seconds before I can sync again. Why does the app require me to wait so long before syncing again?

The issue is illustrated in the graphic below. Look in the upper righthand corner. See the "WAIT" button? See the frown on my face? (Well, you can imagine it. Ha!)

Big Fred

Posted: Jun 09, 2012

Here's my test using ImageShack:

You rock, Plyush! Thanks for your patience!

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Big Fred

Posted: Jun 07, 2012

Here she goes!

Still no luck. I don't know if I'm making a grammar mistake or am getting the wrong link from the web. I guess I "can't get there from here." My Snapfish link addresses don't end in .jpg, for instance. That concerns me. Oh, well. Thanks for trying. Can you do it from Snapfish?

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Big Fred

Posted: Jun 05, 2012


Ugh. I'm looking at your instructions and can't get it to work. For instance, you have four angle brackets above (two >>'s and two <<'s). Is that correct? I find it almost impossible to follow typing instructions because there's grammar used in the instructions themselves.

Help! Thanks!

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Big Fred

Posted: May 31, 2012

Can someone explain in detail how to post a jpg or other image to the forum using a link to an outside photo site or with some other method? It would help me post an image of an iPhone screen that illustrates an issue I'm having. Maybe others have screen prints of problems or solutions that they'd like to illustrate as well. I'm looking for the right syntax and codes EXACTLY. Thanks!
Big Fred

Posted: Feb 11, 2012
From Topic: Non atached files

Doesn't this capability exist already? When I go to Organize > Files, I see a little number indicating how many tasks are linked with each file. What am I missing? It seems that that's exactly what's being requested above.
Big Fred

Posted: Dec 17, 2011

Just an idea. When I'm doing a multi-edit, two of the choices are "Deleted Y/N" and "Completed Y/N". I think that they are in the wrong tense, grammatically speaking. I think they should be in the present tense as choices in the present: "Delete Y/N" and "Complete Y/N". Doesn't that read better? If you agree and these wordings are changed in a future update, I'll know I made my contribution to the task-world. Ha!

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Big Fred

Posted: Oct 23, 2011
From Topic: Siri and Toodledo

You are much smarter than I am. :)

Siri struggled with finding "Toodledo" -- I guess it's sort of a weird contact name for it to find. So I created a contact with my Toodledo email address but gave it the name Gitter Dun. This was an easy contact for Siri to recognize and your idea then worked like a charm. Thanks.

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Big Fred

Posted: Oct 23, 2011

Why does the Sync button dim for a minute or so after you tap it? I like to sync manually (for some reason) but I then have to wait between adding tasks to sync again. It's sort of annoying to have to wait.

Any thoughts as to why this delay has been built in? It's not in Appigo's ToDo.

Do you suggest I change my settings to Snyc on Edit?
Big Fred

Posted: Oct 23, 2011
From Topic: Siri and Toodledo

This is less than half-baked but I'd be curious to see if it can be refined by others:

If I dictate a note to Siri (eg, if I say "Note that I need to call Bruce") then Siri creates a note on my iPhone -- I need to call Bruce. So far, so good.

Then if I EDIT the note (why I have to EDIT it is a total mystery), it sends a copy of the (edited) note to my Mail Inbox (and, incidentally, to a new "Notes" section my Apple Mail).

Still with me?

I then created a RULE under the Preferences of my Mail program that if a "Message Type" = "Note" arrives in my mailbox, then FORWARD the message to my Toodledo account.

Here's another glitch. The Rule is marked to be active but doesn't seem to work unless I take the MANUAL step of APPLYING the rule in the Mail program.

Anyway, all this rigamarole ends up then working and the Note ends up as a task in Toodledo.

Can some pros out there clean up and improve upon this? I think there's a solution here somewhere! If it's perfected, all you would need to do in Siri is simply dictate new notes!
Big Fred

Posted: Oct 07, 2010

I have a group of to-dos that seem to mysteriously lose their due dates. I think the common denominator of them is that most of them were originated from having been emailed a to-do with an attachment to Toodledo at my unique Toodledo email address. All of the troublesome ones have either a note, an attachment, or both.

It seems it doesn't matter what I do to these tasks in terms of modifying the due date -- whether I change the due date as a multi-edit, for instance, or on my iPhone, or whatever. Sooner or later the due date disappears and it's screwing me up. Any thoughts?

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Big Fred

Posted: Oct 04, 2010

If you highlight the javascript below and drag it to your Safari bookmark bar (and then give this bookmarklet a name), then after any sort in Toodledo you can see how long the subtotals will take per subtotal. For instance, if you sort by Tag (and if the tag names are A, B, C and D, then clicking on your new bookmarklet will tell you how long you've estimated it will take -- in total -- for each Tag. Hope this is clear!

javascript:var%20o=0;var%20o2='';var%20o3=0;var%20s='';var%20sd='';var%20myto=0;var%20it='';var%20v= 0;var%20d=document.body.innerHTML;var%20c=document.getElementsByClassName('sep');for(i=0;i<c.leng th;i++){if(i+1==c.length){myto=9999999;}%20else%20{myto=d.indexOf(c[i+1].innerHTML);}s=d.substring(d .indexOf(c[i].innerHTML),myto);%20sd=s.match(/len[^>]+>([^<]+)<\/span>/ig);for(j=0;j<sd.len gth;j++){if(sd[j].indexOf('none')%20<%201){%20sd[j].match(/(\d*\.?\d+)%20min|(\d*\.?\d+)%20hour/i );o=o+(isNaN(RegExp.$1)?0:RegExp.$1-0)+((isNaN(RegExp.$2)?0:RegExp.$2-0)*60);}};if(typeof%20c[i].inn erText=='undefined'){it=c[i].textContent;}else{it=c[i].innerText;}v=(o-0)/60;o2=o2+it+'%20-%20'+Math .floor(v)+'%20hours and '+Math.round((v-Math.floor(v))*60)+' minutes\n';o3=o3+v;o=0;};d=new%20Date();var%20o5=d.getHours()+':'+('0'+d.getMinutes()).slice(-2);d.s etMinutes(d.getMinutes()+(o3*60));var%20o4=d.getHours()+':'+('0'+d.getMinutes()).slice(-2);alert(o2+ '\nTotal%20Estimated%20Lengths:%20'+Math.floor(o3)+'%20hours and '+Math.round((o3-Math.floor(o3))*60)+' minutes\n\nCurrent%20time%20-%20'+o5+'\nEnd%20time%20-%20'+o4);

Thanks to atsushi.hirata for the original code. Thanks to Eric Tucker of First National Bank of America for modifying it.

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Big Fred

Posted: Oct 02, 2010
From Topic: Sort by "Repeat"

Thanks! Hope it gets specifically mentioned as a fix when you do fix it (lot lumped in with a broad reference to "assorted bug fixes" like some companies understandably do when announcing updates to save time and focus on the more important stuff).

No need to reply.
Big Fred

Posted: Sep 25, 2010
From Topic: Sort by "Repeat"

I'm using Safari on a Mac. For me it basically sorts into "Daily" and "Other" -- I was hoping it would sort the "Every 1 days" "Every 3 days" "Every week" and stuff like that.

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Big Fred

Posted: Sep 24, 2010
From Topic: Sort by "Repeat"

I've tried sorting a list of to-dos by the "Repeat" field and it doesn't seem to work for me. Is this a bug?
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