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Posted: Mar 27, 2012

Please consider keeping a non-oauth solution available. My workplace completely blocks all social sites and I cannot use oauth based websites as a result.

Posted: Oct 25, 2010

I purchased Todo for ipad and I agree with mco about the "paper planner". This theme is completely worthless to me. It wastes alot of screen space for silly ring binders.

The app supports themes, I hope the developers can find some time to develop one that doesn't try to mimic paper. If I wanted a 3-ring binder, I would buy one.

Appigo, please provide a clean theme that promotes task presentation for quick scanning. Please review any of the successful task management websites for examples.

Posted: Mar 30, 2010

A good hook for this may be the create/import task via email. Most apps allow you to email an .ics or .vcs file. Doesn't look like it supports it currently.


Posted: Mar 30, 2010

Cool. Have you developed any interesting python code to interact with toodledo? Other than the API? I have a few ideas but haven't had the time to sit down and code them.

Posted: Mar 23, 2010

Hi Martin,

Any reason for the fork? Felix has been responsive to my requests to update Poodledo and was receptive to patches.

Just wondering.

Posted: Feb 11, 2010

1. Install iPhone emulator
2. buy toodledo iPhone app
3. run toodledo offline
4. sync as you please.


Posted: Feb 11, 2010

Perhaps you are thinking of this post using wget on OSX instead of cURL. http://www.toodledo.com/forums/3/2227/0/back-up-your-toodledo-data-with-wget.html

Check that your curl has ssl support. The wget I started with did not and I had to install/compile a new one that did.

Posted: Oct 19, 2009

Hi dave,

I scrapped sub-tasks in favor of folders as well. It has worked out very well. I didn't like the way tasks were hidden within a parent task, especially on the iphone.

You can also Archive a Folder when you complete a project/client. I found this to be my preferred behaviour for my projects incase I had to bring them back or review past projects.

As we say in perl, TMTOWTDI! (There's More Than One Way To Do It!)

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Posted: Sep 30, 2009

Discover is a free app that will run an http and WebDAV server on your iphone and allow you to copy files on and off. You can mount the webdav share as a drive on your desktop. I've found this to be the best way to put PDF files onto the iphone for reading.


Zumodrive is a free service similar to the dropbox and drop.io services. You get a 1gb drive that transparently synchronizes between multiple machines. Drop some files in the desktop folder and they will be available on your laptop and iphone. You have to pay for the service if using more than 1gb. Last I checked, dropbox had submitted an official app but it was not approved in the app store yet.

The iSSH app was my first purchase. I chose this one because it has an invisible onscreen keyboard and supports vnc.

CropForFree simply let's you crop and rotate photos. Great for cleaning up pix before sms/emailing them to others.

Posted: Sep 16, 2009
From Topic: Initial Capturing

The initial brain dump seemed like a lot of work when I first tried GTD but it's very rewarding. It took a couple hours and ideas kept coming, one after another. It was more fun than I expected. There were hundreds of Tasks by the end.

Take David's advice and just do that step on some big 8.5x11 white paper. Don't bother putting it into your notebook or computer yet. Everything has to be resorted into Projects and this can be frustrating and repetitive, especially if you start off with a nice moleskin notebook because you didn't think you'd do it twice (like me!).

This list is a bit overwhelming at first. Who wants to scan 400 reminders of your laziness just to find the Next Action? It's much more manageable as these get sorted into Projects. When I moved to digital GTD the best I could do was syncing Projects and Lists in text files between my desktop and (palm|winmo) device.

The toodledo site really shines here by letting me sort and filter my views by both Folder and Context. Now you get the choice of either the huge high-level All Tasks view or zooming in tight to the Next Action on the current Project at current Context view.

The Add multiple tasks... page is also great for the Dump session. Many times I'll stop in to record something and end up recording six or seven Tasks at a time.

The iPhone app comes into play whenever I'm away from the keyboard and makes a great Capture device. It helps me to Review my Inbox and sort Tasks into Projects while I'm on the train or idling in the lunch line.

The obsession question is important, especially after a rant like my own above :-) Don't worry about it too much if you follow the two-minute rule. If you find yourself reaching for the todo list to remember to send an email, it's probably faster to just send the email.

Posted: Sep 01, 2009
From Topic: Daily ToDo List

Hi Steve,

You can do this with start dates and due dates. Start dates are hidden by default. Once enabled, you can quickly type Tomorrow or Friday and the website is smart enough to know. There is also a quick clickable list.

Posted: Sep 01, 2009

You can set a reminder from 15 minutes up to 30 days before due-date. If I have a task that needs to notify me earlier than that, then it can probably be broken into two actions.

Tasks can also be filtered to be hidden before their start date arrives. This way you don't have to see them during your Review, until you start to care after the start date.

I have a repeating task that starts on Monday, is due on Tuesday, with a 1 day early reminder. It doesn't show up on my radar until Monday morning at which point I get the reminder and it's on my task list. Then it dissappears until next Monday when I complete it.

Posted: Sep 01, 2009

I looked at both Toodledo and Appigo Todo when I got my iphone 3gs. The todo forums are full of upset users asking when the 3.0 update would be available. There were some bugs that were not significant to me during testing of the Todo Lite (free version) but some people claimed they were show stoppers. There was also a significant sync issue with RTM but not toodledo. The Appigo team issued a promise of 3.0 upgrade sometime in the future, but would not commit to a date, nor would they respond to repeated questions on the same topic.

I've read through the Toodledo forums in the meantime and the Toodledo support staff handle requests much better. The transparency around the Toodledo server outage was excellent. The team communicated the outage, a recovery plan, a backup plan, and an honest apology. The Appigo team seamed to post a news release, then ignored the users.

With a significantly cheaper price than Todo, I decided to try the Toodledo iphone app while I awaited the new release. I like it very much and have not been back to the Appigo site to bother investigating their app again.

Todo Pros:
Nice way to tie Notes to Tasks, good for Lists.
Better filtering

Todo Cons:
Stores extra metadata in your tasks to support sub-tasks and notes. Junks up the web interface view of Toodledo.

Toodledo Pros:
My cell reception at work is quite poor. Toodledo lets you disable automatic sync so you can just sync when you push the button.

Toodledo Cons:
Limited sorting of tasks in views.

Now, with all that said, I purchased the Appigo Notebook because it was the only iphone app I could find that syncs with Toodledo. It works great and I've had no issues.

I say try the toodledo app for the price, then buy todo if you really need a feature that's not here.

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Posted: Aug 10, 2009

I wrote a shell script to do nightly backups with wget and cron. Cross-posted here http://www.toodledo.com/forums/3/2227/-13964/read.html

Posted: Aug 10, 2009

Just what I was looking for. I took TheGriff's wget tips and wrapped them up into a script that I can run from crontab on my OSX machine. Small changes to add full path to wget and saving directly to output files instead of moving after dl. Also does basic error checking for zero-length failed downloads. I run this once a day at 4am via crontab in an attempt to dl during off-peak hours.

# backup toodledo.com account via cron
# set your login and password
export MYUSER='user.name@gmail.com'
# directory to save files
export MYBACK=~/Backups/toodledo
export MYTEMP=/tmp
export MYCOOK=$MYTEMP/wgetcookies.txt
# MYWGET is path and params to pass to wget
# the no check certificate is required to connect over https
export MYWGET="/usr/local/bin/wget --quiet --no-check-certificate --save-cookies $MYCOOK --load-cookies $MYCOOK "
export MYLOG=$MYBACK/toodledo-backup.log
export TS=`date '+%Y%m%d%H%M%S'`

echo "$TS toodledo backup init" >> $MYLOG
cd $MYTEMP >> $MYLOG 2>&1

$MYWGET -O /dev/null --post-data "email=$MYUSER&pass=$MYPASS" https://www.toodledo.com/signin.php >> $MYLOG 2>&1

$MYWGET -O $MYBACK/$TS.toodledo-tasks.xml https://www.toodledo.com/xml.php >> $MYLOG 2>&1
$MYWGET -O $MYBACK/$TS.toodledo-notes.csv https://www.toodledo.com/csv_notes.php >> $MYLOG 2>&1
$MYWGET -O $MYBACK/$TS.toodledo-activity.html https://www.toodledo.com/activity.php >> $MYLOG 2>&1

# check for empty zero length files, write to log and email $MYUSER on errors
for FILE in \
$MYBACK/$TS.toodledo-tasks.xml \
$MYBACK/$TS.toodledo-notes.csv \
[[ -s $FILE ]] || echo "$TS FAIL empty file $FILE" >> $MYLOG 2>&1
[[ -s $FILE ]] || echo "$TS FAIL empty file $FILE" | mail -s "toodledo backup error" $MYUSER >> $MYLOG 2>&1

rm $MYCOOK >> $MYLOG 2>&1


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Posted: Aug 10, 2009


I found the poodledo library while looking for Python support. Haven't seen it listed anywhere here in the forums so I thought I'd share.


Currently supports Tasks but not Notes.


Posted: Jul 27, 2009

I use an iphone app called Notebook that was written by Appigo. It syncs with my toodledo pro account either automatically or just when you hit the sync button. It is supposed to integrate with their other app ToDo, allowing notes to be added to tasks, but I don't use it. I use the toodledo iphone app instead.

I tried using Evernote but cell reception in my building is not very good and I found that Evernote depended on the network too much.