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Posted: Mar 25, 2013

Having a bug with version 3.0.4 on the iPad (iOS 6.1.3) and iPad Mini (iOS 6.1.3) but not on my iPhone (iOS 6.1.3). On the iPad, synchronization does not update my Notes. If I force a redownload from Toodledo.com to the device, everything comes down correctly. But then if I make changes on the web site, they do not appear on my iPads, neither from the automatic sync on startup nor from a button-induced sync.

Posted: Dec 14, 2010

Posted by Toodledo:
We have so far been unable to replicate these timezone problems. Can you please check you make sure that your timezone on this website is set correctly and then create a support ticket so that we can look into your account and try to reproduce this.


Validated that my time zone setting is correct. Was able to reproduce the problem on version 2.1.3. Off to open a ticket.

Posted: Dec 13, 2010

Additional info. I noticed that the tasks were set to repeat "Every 1 days" instead of "Daily". So I changed them to Daily to see if that made a difference. It did not - the "Daily" task I just checked off on my iPhone (@ 11:00pm CST on 12/12) rescheduled to 12/14. And it set itself back to the advanced "Every 1 days" option.

Posted: Dec 12, 2010

Still seeing a bug on my iPhone 4 (iOS 4.2.1) that I originally reported in the in 2.1.1 update thread.

That bug is that sometimes, when I check-off a task on the iPhone, and that task is set to repeat daily from completion date, it skips a day. For example, I just checked off my "PC backup" task. On the iPhone, instead of creating a task for tomorrow, 12/13, it created the new task for the day after tomorrow, 12/14.

Could the iPhone be using the UTC date (where it is already tomorrow) as the base date for the recurrence calculation?

Edit: I'll have to check that tomorrow morning, but it appears to be a definite possibility - I just had a similar "repeat daily from completion date" task schedule for the 14th instead of the 13th.

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Posted: Dec 02, 2010

Having a problem with repeating tasks set to every day from completion date. At least some are scheduling 2 days out instead of one.

Posted: May 23, 2010

Apologies if this has been covered - I've been traveling the last week using my iPhone and iPad instead of the web site.

So, here's the deal. It's 11:45pm in my time zone (US Central, DST in effect). The current date is 5/22/2010. The date and time are showing correctly in the Windows 7 task bar and several desktop gadgets.

But, when I view my To-Do list in Firefox 3.6.3, everything with a due date of 5/23 says due "Today", and everything with a due date of 5/24 says due "Tomorrow".


Oh - one other note. Most of the iPad and iPhone usage was from in the eastern time zone.

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Posted: May 12, 2010

Just got my iPad, and ToodleDo was one of the first apps installed and configured (long time iPhone user).

Is it just my installation, or does the HotList (and possibly other lists) not refresh after a sync is completed? My list was out of sync (probably due to me exiting the app while a sync was in progress). So I Forced a Toodledo.com to iPhone (sic - might need to tweak that) Sync. My HotList didn't change. I hit the home button and then went back into the HotList, and the full list was there.

Posted: Mar 14, 2010

Posted by rclark:
At any rate, confirmed -- I (still) have the same problem. Tasks under the "today" header include due dates of both "today" and "tomorrow", and the "tomorrow" header's tasks all have due dates of the day after tomorrow.

Same here. iPhone user (Toodledo app), Windows 7, FireFox 3.6.

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Posted: Jul 14, 2009

Posted by Toodledo:
Apple has just approved our next iPhone app update. This has some bug fixes and some added functionality.

1) Added an option to sync any edits that you make instantly to Toodeldo.com.
5) After a sync, the list you are on will now update if there are changes.

Thanks - these really make a difference, at least for me, in terms of ease-of-use and intuitiveness.

Posted: Jul 13, 2009

Just downloaded and tested V1.5.1. Thanks very much for adding in the post-sync list updates, and the option for syncing after edits. Saves a ton of movement between screens, and is much more intuitive, at least for me. :-)

Posted: Jul 03, 2009

Posted by Toodledo:
I just tested out refreshing the list when the sync finishes, and it wasn't that bad, so I'll get that into the next update.

Excellent. BTW, I really like the new version. Adding tasks is much improved, and the new date picker is a huge improvement. Keep up the good work!

Posted: Jul 03, 2009

Posted by Toodledo:
J: If you are geting the onscreen pop-up and sound, then you have it setup correctly. Congratulations. If the badge isn't updating, you probably haven't selected one. Go into Toodledo>Settings>Application Badge.

I've got the badge count set to Hotlist count, but it has never updated except upon exiting from the app. I'll open a ticket if the next update doesn't fix it.

Posted by Toodledo:
When the sync finishes, you need to refresh the list that you are on to see the changes. It would be jarring if it just flashed and updated. To update the list, just back out and back into that list, or resort it.

Is that a change in behavior? I thought the previous version would update the list after the sync. I really liked that behavior, and it's what I would intuit - that the screen would always reflect the apps current data.

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Posted: Jul 03, 2009

Posted by Toodledo:
A lot of people are having difficulty and confusion with getting remote notifications to work. It does take a minute to setup, and our initial instructions were unclear, so I apologize for that.

This help topic explains how to do it in detail, but I'll summarize here.

1) You need Toodledo version 1.5.
2) You need to setup synchronization between the iPhone and Toodledo.com.
3) You need to click "Allow" when the iPhone asks you about remote notifications. If it doesn't ask you, close and re-open the app on the iPhone. If it still doesn't ask you, go into Apple's general "Settings" app and make sure that Notifications are enabled.
4) Go to the reminders page here on Toodledo and make sure that "iPhone" is in one of your reminder slots.
5) Give a task a due-date, a due-time and click the "remind me" checkbox. Make sure that the reminder is scheduled for a future time.
6) Wait for your iPhone to beep.

I promise that it does work, it just takes a little understanding and a little setup.

Bug #1: I never get asked to allow notifications. I have even deleted the app from the iPhone and redownloaded it from the iPhone App Store. I went through setup on the newly downloaded app, and it never asked me about allowing notifications. I have confirmed that Notifications are turned on in iPhone settings, and that ToodleDo's iPhone Settings Notification settings are all on (Sounds, Alerts, Badges). The notifications themselves work in part: I get an onscreen pop-up & sound, but my badge never updates.

Bug #2: When I start the App and it performs the sync upon startup, the on-screen task list display is not updated. For example, I have the "wherever I was last time" setting selected and am viewing the HotList. Let's say I have 14 items showing. I exit the app. I go to ToodleDo on the web and add a task for today, which should put it on the HotList. I go into ToodleDo on the iPhone. The startup sync is performed but the newly added task is not displayed. If I exit the app and restart it, the task appears. If I then exit the app, delete the task on the web, and go into the app, it is still listed after the sync completes. I have to exit the app and go back in, at which point the deleted task is no longer on the list.

Pro Subscription, iPhone 3G S.

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Posted: May 19, 2009

Posted by Anders:
The syncs on opening & closing the app have never failed me AFAIK, but sometimes I want to be sure so I do one of the two overly laborious processes you mentioned.

I wasn't aware it auto-sync'ed on closing, since I didn't see a progress bar. That does lessen (but not remove) the need for the button.

Is there a user manual for the app? That way I could find things like closing sync and badging without having to waste anyone's time here.

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Posted: May 19, 2009

Posted by Anders:

You can set up a badge number for the Toodledo app as well. Go to "Settings" in the app, and then to "Application Badge", then choose what you want the number to represent.

[HomerSimpson] D'OH! [/HomerSimpson] Thanks - don't know why I didn't see that before.

Posted by Anders:

First of all, you are referring to nested sort criteria I believe. <snip> I workaround I would suggest is to move your letter number combinations (A1, E4, etc.) to the tag field, and make them the first tags (they are the ones that tasks are sorted by). Then if you put Tag as your top field in the app, when you sort by Due Date, you would get the view you want.

[ArtieJohnson] Verrryyyy Interesting. [/ArtieJohnson] I'll give that a try - that might do the trick.

However, Mister I-Have-An-Answer-For-Everything :-), how about this: there should be a sync button on almost every screen (perhaps just to the right of the "Home/Back/Whatever" button in the upper left corner. I often want to make sure that ToodleDo in the cloud has been updated from ToodleDo the App after I've made changes in the App. Right now, the various options (exit and come back in, or Navigate to Settings/Sync) seem a little cumbersome.

But in the meantime, I'm off to experiment with Tags. Thanks for the help (and the lightening fast response).

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Posted: May 18, 2009

Just found and downloaded the ToodleDo for iPhone App. I've been using ToDo by Appigo up to this point.

There's a lot to love about this app, including the automatic syncing that works "in the background" (i.e., doesn't intefere with navigating around the App) and the various possible start pages.

One thing I miss from ToDo is the "Badging" of the icon to indicate the number of due or overdue tasks - I find that bright red reminder very motivating.

One thing I miss from the web side is nested search criteria. Specifically, Due Date then Alphabetically. To help me organize my day, I start each task with something like "A3: " or "C4: ". The A's are things to do upon waking up (workout), the D's are things to do on the way home from work, E's are things to do when I get home, etc. So sorting by due date and then task let's me organize each segment of my day and plow through what I need to get done. I would love to see this, at least as an option in the "All Tasks" view.

Thanks, and keep up the good work.