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Posted: Dec 20, 2011

I've played with many ways of making it work and I am still tweaking but here is where I am at the moment

The status field is used to track the status.
Folders to track projects, this is purely because I use "Due Today" on the android and that is the best way to sync it. I tried goals and it could work but the sync issue put me off.
Most of my projects have no defined end (I know thats bad) so they are made of task/sub tasks, next actions and somedays.
I use tags for people or meetings
There is a folder for recurring tasks
I also configure a number of custom searches inbox, sub projects etc

Still playing but it works ok.

Posted: Nov 29, 2011
From Topic: Folders


It looks like our setups are almost idnentical.

I have more contexts, 1 for each of the regular meetings I attend and also there are some things I can only do from certain computers.

I use more tags; I have a tag for each of my reports and I am toying with a tag for each of my work areas of responsibility. But I'm not convinced more tags is good as it shouldn't matter where the task is from it either is a someday, a next action or an active task.

I have also toyed with the idea of using the status so that I could use todo today on my android, but the slim client is just as good.


Posted: Nov 28, 2011

I either -

Do it if it take less than 5 minutes or capture it and put it straight away as a next action (I use a star).

However, the nature of my job is that I get a lot of interruptions and I basically plan for so many a day.

If I really don't want to disturbed I either work from home or lock myself away in an office.


Posted: Nov 28, 2011
From Topic: Folders

Hi All,

i'm just putting together my GTD setup and was wondering what folders to use ?

I have currently setup :

Tasks - For One off tasks,
Projects - For stuff with more than one tasks
Waiting For - For tasks I have either delegated or I am waiting on some other outcome (Still Wondering how to document the outcome I'm waiting for)
Someday / Maybe - Speaks for itself.

Do I need any others ? In particular should I have a Projects (Work) and Projects (Home).

Cheers all


Posted: Nov 28, 2011

Hello all,

Forgive me if this is a daft question.

Am I correct in thinking that subtasks, once setup, can be moved to a different folder from the parent task and then be visible in both folders ?

It seems to work this way.

The scenario I'm looking at is where I delegate component tasks of a project. I would like to see all my delegated and waiting for tasks in one place when I do my weekly review.