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Posted: Sep 21, 2008

Vista Users are out of luck .. active desktop was discontinued and as of yet, I haven't found a way to stick html to desktop in Vista. Microjunk claims the sidebars are supposed to be the replacement feature but as we all know it is lacking.

Although there is a toodledo sidebar plugin I found it to be to small, unscalable, feature poor and updates poorly leaving it unusable.

I look for third party developers to create desktop service software programs for the mainstream vista users soon. (if not already out there).

Posted: Sep 09, 2008

Is there a way to create a grouping of subtasks that can be duplicated over and over.

I have multiple tasks that need performed for several different campaigns (top level tasks). I'd like to have the ability to copy the subtasks duplicates and drop them into the parent tasks.

In my case I have about 18 top level tasks each will have 6 or 7 subtasks each that are the same. That is allot of pasting and dragging for each one. 18 x 7 = 126 pastes and drags ...

I am not sure if I am explaining myself well .. but I couldn't find any sign of the feature to duplicate a set of tasks.

If I overlooked it point me to it - if it don't exist, here's my request :)

Thank you

Posted: Aug 31, 2008
From Topic: subtasks and totals

Please forgive me if this is mentioned elsewhere. I didn't see it.

When I add the length of time to a subtask it does not show up in the total. (Total Estimated Lengths: 0)

Shouldn't the total amount of the sub tasks automatically tally for that field in the parent task?

Be gentle I'm still a newbie :)

Posted: Aug 31, 2008

Disabled session manager and all seems well. Found other plugs to do what I need and it's all good. Thanks

Posted: Aug 30, 2008

Oh, I didn't think of the browser plugins. I bet your right. I am going to point at a plugin I use called "session manager".


I'm not sure I can live without it .. lol. I will disable it and see how the Toodledo plug does for a day.

Posted: Aug 30, 2008


What could be causing my firefox plugin to log me out. Everytime I click the arrow on my toolbar the form pops up and I fill it out, then I hit save and everytime it says I am not logged in. I go back to account settings and my password is missing. I put in my password and I am able to post a few to-do's. When I come back later on it will do the same thing.