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Posted: Sep 11, 2008

Thank you for your replies, I found Toodledo as a good tool to manage task, but as I wrote, I miss basics from GTD, I will be great if more pure GTD possibilities are integrated in a future.

As you said in your post, Toodledo is made to be personalized for need of almost everyone, TR is not so open, so for not bothering other people with strict model, it will be cool to have some new options to turn on, so somone, like me, could make Toodledo more strict according to TR for example.

We will see in the future, I am big fun of online apps, but failed this days to convert to be fully online, because of missing futures not only in Toodledo, Gmail etc. ... So I am back on TR, Outlook, MindManager, Office 2007 and My laptop.

Ivan Matosyan

Posted: Sep 08, 2008

Hello, I used to use ThinkingRock for about a year, and many other on PC fixed apps. After I bought my iPhone, I wanted to become more online, so I started using Gmail for all my accounts, Google Calendar as the only calendar.

I have been using Toodledo for 3 days, but I have not find the way how to make Toodledo to be a strong GTD tool as ThinkingRock is.

Did you use ThinkingRock and now you converted to Toodledo? I would be grateful for any complex advice.

My method at Toodledo:

Folders - I use them as Topics for my roles and interest areas (Health, Entertainment, Self education, Family, Friends, Home, Finance)
Context - I use it as it is, so it means Where (Work, Shop, Laisure time)

Task without status.

I process things regularly, I go to Status, and choose No Status
Reference: Change status to Reference
Someday maybe: Change status to Someday maybe

Project: Change status to Planning, change priority to -1, so it does not appear in other lists, than I add subtask.

Next Action: Change status to Next Action, put due date

Do ASAP: Change status to Action, no due date

Delegated: Change status to Delegated and add due date as reminder

Someday maybe: Change status to Someday maybe and add due date as reminder if needed.

1. Missing simple way how to have "desktop" where I can see Scheduled, Do Asap, Delegated, Projects- I tried Search, but there is no filtering possibilities for search result, it is logical for search :) So I am not able to filter by context, what is very important for me. And besides, I did not find Search tab in toodledo.com/slim as I am using it at iphone.

2. Sequencing in Project (I found topic here, not so convenient for me, task should be inactive till the task before is done)

I am probably going back to ThinkingRock :/ So I will not be so online as I wanted.

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