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Posted: Sep 21, 2013
From Topic: Windows 8 app

Just want to let ToodleDo team that the lack of Windows Phone official app was one reason of my migration to Evernote...

Posted: Sep 21, 2013

Posted by Richard Masters:
I find the proliferation of tabs - 'Tasks', 'Notes', 'Outlines', and now 'Lists' - increasingly confusing and of no help to my workflow at all.


I am really not sure how having separated lists of notes, outlines and lists helps with this.

I absolutely agree, and add that, mainly for this reason, I happily turned to evernote some months ago. ToodleDo was great, and I loved it, but now a lot of GTD people keep notes in the "cloud", and the new ToodleDo tabs only demonstrate the need for this. Having two or more apps for tasks and notes is not convenient. Evernote is much less task-oriented but has a suberb flexibility that allows GTD to be implemented and to take benefit from the integration with notes.

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Posted: May 10, 2012

It seems I'm the only one to use... TAGS! Wait, I'm not crazy. This is due to two main needs:
- One task may belong to more than one project. This is common, for me.
- Handling contacts.
So I do not use folders or goals (a single task would belong to a single project). I find tags to be very smart for adding/filtering and provide multiple binding.
If you turn up your nose for using the same column for both contacts and projects, you can prefix @ for contacts and # for projects. But for me, mixing contacts and projects (without prefix symbols) it's not a real problem and I find it very convenient.

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Posted: Feb 05, 2012

Goals have a different and specific destination, so I avoid it for projects. I also avoid tasks/subtasks because I see them to target action/task difference.
I see two remaining options: folders and tags.
The key factor for the decision probably is the Projects number. Folders are ok when a small number of projects is involved. In my case projects number tend to explode, so I use... Tags!
Tags have also the great benefit to allow an action to belong to two or more projects.

Posted: Jan 03, 2012

+1 !!!