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Posted: Dec 05, 2012

I have read help info on settings for iphone and settings for toodledo, and feel like the twilight zone-- I can't find listed instructions on Settings for iphone or settings for siri/iphone reminders on toodledo. Please help
Can I use Siri to add a task by voice?

Yes you can.
First, tap "Settings" inside the app and select "Siri & Reminders". Then turn on importing from the Reminder's app.

Now, everything that is added to Reminders will be automatically added to Toodledo as well. To use Siri, simply activate Siri and say "Remind me to ...." and it will be added to Reminders and Toodledo.

If the tasks are not importing, please go into Apple's Settings app and tap "Privacy" and then "Reminders". Make sure that the switch is turned on for Toodledo.
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