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Posted: Nov 26, 2008
From Topic: Organize the ToTos

I like Toodledo more and more, and I try to organize all my tasks. What would be really great is the following:

A tool which collects my todos which have a length AND a Start- or Due-Date. Out of these times and Priority/importance it should calculate (on basis of a dailiy "usable hours"-plan) Calendar-entries. So one can see how the task can be done, or if they can be done at all within the given time.

With such a tool you can show, i. e. your chief, that you cannot take any more tasks without moving any other tasks. If you like to, you can move the task around.

Does anybody know such a tool, bet with an importing-tool which understands Toodledo-XML?

Thanks a lot ...

OR does anybody have a php or asp-script which shows a calendar, then I could use the Toodledo-API for getting the data and show them with this script?

Posted: Oct 23, 2008
From Topic: Different PCs

Hello. I am using Toodledo for private and business things.

I know, that there are folders I can use for separating these two areas. But is there a chance to define a filter valid only for the PC (not saved on the server)?

Then I could set up this filter at home to see only private things at home. In the office, I want to see all.

Or use a GET-Parameter for this?

Or any other chance to manage this?

Thanks a lot ...

Posted: Oct 21, 2008
From Topic: Login by Link

Good Morning.

I would like to know the following:

Is it possible to login sending user and password along with the link? (like http://www.toodledoo.com?user=username&password=mypassword)

This would be helpful, if you want to use different Accounts on the same machine. Then I could have an account for Private things, and an account for business things, and share the one account into the other.

Is this type of logging in also possible in i. e. Klondike (using WAP or WAP2)

Thanks a lot for the answer ...