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Posted: Aug 08, 2013
From Topic: Sort by Tags

If I save a task with multiple tags, such as Admin and Projects that means I want it to show up in Admin and in Projects when I sort by tags, not in an Admin, Projects row. Please correct this so that multiple tags = multiple locations, not subcategorization.

Posted: Jul 16, 2013

Better use of subtasks. A smallish project, be it a one time or a repeatable project can reasonably be listed as task and subtasks. But I would need the ability to have each complete d subtask flag the next subtask as status active, whilst the remaining subtasks stayed in status hold to really make this work.

Add in one more layer of subtasks, with the same forward cascade property and I wouldn't really need project management software for my solo projects.

Probably a better link between outlines and tasks would do the same job. Set up an outline, allow some connecting controls, and have the outline generate the next task(s) rather than storing all in the task list.