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Posted: Nov 06, 2010

Thanks for the reply! It seems that a reboot did the trick. =)

Posted: Nov 05, 2010


I noticed yesterday that the ToodleDo app (version 2.1.0 on the latest version of iOS ) would take about 5 minutes or so to sync. The progress bar seemed to hang very close to the left sode... but would eventually jump about halfway for a few minutes and then almost all the way to the right and then finally finish after yet a few more minutes.

Today, I opened the app and I see the ToodleDo logo up top and the three choices down below for "Tasks", "Notebook" and "Settings" but nothing else. Those three bottom buttons are not even responding.

Wish I could provide more info than that... any suggestions?


Posted: Aug 13, 2009

I felt compelled to leave one more comment. About 30 seconds ago I was reminded of why this behavior is a little irksome. I used to look at my to do list on my iPhone and check off what I've done for the day in rapid succession. Now, when I click a task and the new one is spawned the next task that I'm about to click is shoved down one. That causes me to check or uncheck the wrong task and causes a moment or two of confusion as I stop and think "Wait... which one did I do... oh yeah, let's uncheck this one now..."

Just an FYI. Other than that... super product. =)

Posted: Aug 10, 2009

Posted by Anders:
Are you certain that the unchecked task is gone when you return to the list? I am not seeing anything like this except for with repeating tasks, but then the unchecked task does not disappear.

Yes. If I move to a different screen and then come back, the task that I checked and the visual duplicate are both gone.

Posted by Toodledo:
It depends on what screen you are on. For example, if you are on the "due-today" screen and have your filter set to hide completed tasks, then when you complete a repeating task, it will show the completed task, and it will show the automatically rescheduled task for convenience. Since neither of these tasks really belong on the "due-today" list, they will be removed the next time the list refreshes (by going out and then back in).

I am indeed using Due Dates >> Today. I just checked off a non repeating task and did not get a visual duplicate. I checked a repeating task and the duplicate was spawned immediately beneath the checked task. I opened the spawn and it's due date was tomorrow (the task is set for every day). I then tapped the "filters" button in the Due Date >> Today screen and selected "Future Tasks: Hide Future" from "Show All". I then checked off a repeating task and yet the checked task still spawned another task that was due on the next date of that repeating task.

I suppose I can live with this, but it's a tad bit annoying to see a repeating tasks's next spawn immediately appear. This is a new behavior that wasn't happening in the recent past.

Thanks for the help!

Posted: Aug 08, 2009


This problem started just about a week ago. I have a 2nd gen iPhone (first gen 3G) running 3.0.1. When I check off a task as being completed, a duplicate unchecked task will immediately appear beneath the task that has a check mark next to it. However, if I move to another screen and come back to that task list both the checked task and the unchecked duplicate will be gone. Has anyone else experience this issue recently?


Posted: Jan 10, 2009

Hello All!

I use ToodleDo almost exclusively on the iPhone (ToodleDo was the second app I ever purchased for my iPhone!). Is it possible to have URLs be live in a task or the task's notes? I put URLs in my notes sometimes (for example: "Task: Read this article on blah | Notes: http://URL/") and it would be nice to be able to click on a live URL and have Safari open up. Of course, if a copy/paste feature existed in the iPhone that would make it somewhat easier (C'mon Apple... no copy/paste? Seriously?!).

Thanks for the great app!

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