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Posted: Sep 14, 2008

Any idea when? It's kind of useless and redundant to have to manually enter, update, and maintain all tasks in Tsheets AND Toodledo...

So far, I love Toodledo, but the time tracking features could be beefed up and then we wouldn't even have to worry about Tsheets if Toodledo had similar time tracking and reporting abilities...

Toodledo's already a tremendous help, and the more functional Toodledo can become, the better our sanity... and less likelihood that my staff will pad the walls of my office...


Posted: Sep 14, 2008

I've used GTD for a while, but I'm pretty new to Toodledo... and I'm not sure I understand the Tsheets integration.

The only thing it seems to do is show Tsheets in my Toodledo webpage or my Toodledo slim list on the Tsheets site. Is that it?? It looks like I'd have to set up all of my projects and tasks AGAIN in Tsheets and continuously maintain my lists in two places. ??!!

Is there no way that Tsheets is able to automatically read and use my Toodledo lists on its own so that all I'd have to do is just select whichever task I want to use when tracking time??