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Posted: Sep 04, 2012

Posted by Toodledo:
You can click the "View tasks" button instead and it will open a new window that you can keep open as you use the web to have quick access to adding or viewing your tasks.

You certainly can do that, but then you would have to log in. It would be just as easy and fast to open Toodledo as you normally would and log in. I'd still like to see the drop down box sizeable and moveable. Thanks. Bryan

Posted: Sep 03, 2012

Posted by Toodledo:
Toodledo now has a Bookmarklet, which is like a mini browser plugin that allows you to quickly add a task from any webpage you happen to be on. You don't have to switch back to Toodledo. It even includes the URL of the page you are on in the task's note.

This is a great way to flag a webpage for later action. For example, suppose you found a nice article that you want to read, but you don't have time right now. Just click the bookmarklet and add the task to Toodledo. Later, when you have time, click the link in your Toodledo task and go back to read that article. Or, suppose you are reading an email in Gmail that you want to act on later. Just click the bookmarklet and add it to your Toodledo list. Then when you want to return to that email, click the link inside the task on Toodledo and you'll be right back in the email.

The bookmarklet also has a way to quickly view your tasks from anywhere. Just activate the bookmarklet and click the "View tasks" button. A small popup window will appear with our mobile website loaded inside for quick access to your to-do list while browsing the internet.

The bookmarklet is compatible with all major web browsers and can be installed in seconds. You can find it in our "Tools" section at the top of the page in the "More" section.


I like your new Bookmarklet feature, but I'd prefer that the drop down box be resizable and moveable. As it stands now it covers the part of the screen that I need to make reference to when I'm filling in the drop down box. Thanks. Bryan

Posted: Jul 11, 2012

I'd be interested in knowing how you exported your tasklists from Toodledo into mind42. I like the idea of seeing my tasklist in a mind map, but not if it meant recreating it and having to update it separately from Toodledo.

I wonder if Toodledo could just add an option to view the task list in a mind map.

Thanks. Bryan

Posted by joelhfx:
I had the exact same thought,almost.
I was looking to translate it to freemind since it is open-source and can be imported to pretty much any mind-mapping software. Also importable to www.mind42.com putting into the cloud.
Even mobile devices have apps that support this format.
Imagine being able to select branches called Status, context, folder, and goals that contain the tasks assorted accordingly.

It should be easy. I could probably do it in Excel.

This message was edited Jul 12, 2012.

Posted: Jan 20, 2012

Posted by Barry-Jon:
Well done, excellent redesign. I continue to recommend ToodleDo to all my friends and colleagues.

I wonder could we have a "pin" icon on the floating side bar so that you could quickly toggle between floating and pinned. Sometimes I mostly want it gone but sometimes, when doing a big review of tasks I want the bar there for a while.

I wholeheartedly agree with Barry-Jon's suggestion for a "pin" icon on the floating side bar. Currently to disable the Left side bar can hide you have to:

1. Click on settings
2. Click edit to the right of Display Preferences
3. Uncheck Left side bar can hide
4. Click on Save Changes
5. Click on Tasks to get back to where you were when you decided to disable Left side bar can hide
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