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Posted: Feb 03, 2010

I second this post, both for an app and the saved searches in the slim site. I've been trying to integrate the URL to a specific saved search into the /slim URL but that was a no-go. Please include these!

Posted: Aug 25, 2009

Toodledo folks don't need a Pre for testing. You can download the emulator free from Palm. It works and looks exactly like the real Pre.

Posted: May 25, 2009

Hi gang. I just upgraded to Pro because I was interested in using subtasks. I came from using Life Balance and love the flexibility that any task could have subtasks and you could decide if they were sequential or parallel. What I want to do here is hide the parent task until all the subtasks are completed. Is a subtask simply just a grouping of tasks??? That seems pretty simplistic if so. Please tell me how I can setup what I want here. Thanks!

Posted: Mar 16, 2009
From Topic: IPhone Apps

BoyOhBoy, you don't need another app to sync your husbands Gcal. Just add his to your calendar screen in Google, then choose the calendars you want to sync to the iPhone. I have Home, Work, my wifes, my daughters, and holidays syncing. All have their own color.

By default, only your main calendar is synced, you need to "turn this functionality on" on one of the google sync pages.

Posted: Jan 27, 2009
From Topic: Hotlist confusion

On my hotlist, I would like to see ONLY tasks due today, tasks past due, OR tasks due in the future but have a start date that has arrived. How can I set this up?

I only have a few tasks that use start dates, but I would like them to show up in the hotlist when that START date arrives. That is what I thought used to happen on the hotlist and was changed, maybe I'm dreaming though.


By the way, I was able to get this to work on a saved search! Hurray!!! Now if I could get that on my iPod app. ;-) Especially as a start page.

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Posted: Jan 27, 2009

I've been looking into how to do this as well, and haven't had a satisfactory answer yet. It seems Toodledo used to work like this, treating a start date as a due date so that it allowed anything with a start date >=today to come past its filter. Maybe I'm nuts. Either way, I'd like to see that work.

I've been trying to setup a search like this too, but no luck yet. I've been told search views are coming to the iphone app.

Posted: Jan 20, 2009
From Topic: Hotlist confusion

Wow! Just spent a few minutes playing around with the search criteria and I must say I am impressed!!! I can get exactly what I want with a little fiddling! Thanks!

Posted: Jan 20, 2009
From Topic: Hotlist confusion

Hmm, that's a good idea! Will searches work on the iPhone app too? I couldn't remember if I could have saved searches show up there. If not, are you planning on supporting them there? 90% of my using Toodledo is on the iphone.


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Posted: Jan 20, 2009
From Topic: Hotlist confusion

Posted by Toodledo:
I'm not sure I understand. You have a task due on feb 1, with a start date of jan 5th. It should not be on your to-do list. Is it? What is it's priority?

I have the task as High priority, but have the hotlist filter to Top. I know that means it would not show up, but I thought the filter meant that it would ALWAYS show X priority and above, AND show tasks due within X number of days. I set the hotlist filter to Top, since I don't want it showing all my tasks for the next 30 days. The date filter is set to due today.

Basically, here's the deal. I only want to see tasks that are due today, or if they have a start date, I want them to show up in the hotlist on that start date. I guess I'd have to lower my hotlist priority filter, but then future tasks start coming through that I don't want to see. See what I mean?

If I'm not mistaken, the hotlist used to work like I wanted (show tasks whose start dates are today or earlier). Was something changed in the coding a while back?

Posted: Jan 11, 2009
From Topic: Hotlist confusion

One thing I am trying to do on my iPod Touch Toodledo app is use the hotlist in such a way that it only shows tasks overdue and due today, but also includes future items whose start date is either due today or has past. In the iphone app instructions, this seems possible:

Under Hotlist: "Tasks that have a future start date will not appear on the Hotlist until that start date arrives".

Simple right? Apparently not. I have a task due on Feb 1st, with a start date Jan 5th. I have the priority level settings for the hotlist to Top Priority, as I don't want it showing High-Low tasks that aren't due yet. And I don't use Top priority for anything, it's annoying to have something 6 months from now in my hotlist.

Ultimately what I want is to be able to use the start date field to taylor the lead time I get for tasks. If the hotlist doesn't show tasks based on start date, not only does it contradict the instructions, it contradicts common sense.

Please help!

Posted: Nov 11, 2008

Lately my Hotlist is showing too many tasks dated into the future, and I'm not sure why. I have the settings on the web site for medium and higher, and only the next 5 days out or earlier. I have taks from months away showing up.

I'm wondering if syncing with Todo on my iphone is doing anything? The data on the web site is still the same though. Anyone else?

UPDATE: Actually, no list is working as it should. It used to be that if something was due =11/27/08 say, then it wouldn't show up until then. Now it does. I made sure that I have the Future Tasks set to off in the filter area too. What's going on here?

UPDATE 2: Alright, this is driving me nuts. I started putting start dates on the offending items and they would then disappear from the list. Does the = or > symbol in front of the due date no longer work??? It used to as of a few days ago! Why is "Call Mom and wish her a Happy Birthday =Dec 13, 2008" showing up in my hotlist? Even if I didn't have the equal sign, that's a bit more than 5 days out. Now the iPhone app isn't showing the same number of tasks as the web site. Something is really screwed up. Also, I tried purging completed tasks on the iphone app, and it seemed to be working after that (hotlist showed like 5 items), but as soon as it synced again, back to 40 items. Weird.

Ok, I'm an idiot!!! I had the hotlist set to medium or above, so it was showing too much. I knew it had to me me!!!

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Posted: Oct 24, 2008
From Topic: iPhone app request

I have two requests for the iPhone app. First is the ability to pick the startup view. For me, I use the hotlist view 99.9% of the time in the app. Next, instead of either using the website hotlist settings or your own settings, maybe just sync the hotlist settings so you're using the web settings, but also can change them from the device too. Or am I missing something as to why it should be seperated? Keep up the great work! Also bought the ToDo app and this definately trumps it.

Posted: Oct 22, 2008
From Topic: Mothers Day

I finally found the Post button on the page! I smell redesign!!! :-) Anyway, I just tried to put in a repeating task for mothers day (2nd Sunday of May) and apparently that is out of Toodledo's ability? Usually on any calendar or todo list you would have it as the 2nd Sunday of every 12th month. Anyone have a workaround? For now, I have it yearly at the 7th of May, since looking a few years into the future that seems to cover it. Also 15th of June for Fathers Day.

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