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Posted: Oct 28, 2008

Okay, here we go.

Export from Palm Desktop as tab-and-return, but this time open the file in TextWrangler rather than Excel.

In the Find dialog, perform these search/replaces. Ensure Wrap Around is checked, then type in the values (or copy/paste) and hit "Replace All". For the second search, ensure "Use Grep" is checked; for the others, ensure it is *unchecked*

Find: "
(That's one double-quotation mark)
Replace With: ""
(That's two double-quotes)

Find: ^(.*)\t(.*)\t(.*)$
Replace With: "\1","\2","\3"

Find: \xB6
Replace With: \r

Once you've done that, save the file and import it into ToodleDo as explained by jebanks.

I'm working on a) making this fewer steps and b) handling characters such as tabs and ⌀ (the diameter sign) which I use a lot in my notes, but this should do for now.

[edit - it's two quotation marks, not three]

This message was edited Oct 28, 2008.

Posted: Oct 28, 2008

Thanks for this, jebanks!

I can provide improvements to this process, now that jebanks has started me off. Would anyone be interested? At the very least I can automate the adding of the quotation marks in Excel, meaning it's quicker and less error-prone; I can also remove the extraneous quotation marks in the final files; finally I can ensure that if any of your notes have quotemarks that these are preserved.

I'll have a bit more of a play to make sure my processes act as I'd expect them to, then I will post my extensions to jebanks's guide here.

I haven't made my process "slick" yet; if there's enough interest I should be able to knock up something that does it from start to finish in one step, but it's not worth the effort if it's only me that's interested.

Posted: Sep 26, 2008

It does fail. I think that it is interpreting newlines as the start of a new record, yet if I create a test record that includes newlines, it deals with them correctly.

I wonder if any of the problem is to do with me using a Mac instead of Windows? I tried changing the newlines from <CR> (Mac) to <CR><LF> (Win) but that failed.

Looking at the file exported from Palm Desktop, it doesn't actually even look like a CSV file. Note that Palm Desktop for the Mac is a completely different product to Palm Desktop for Windows, so the behaviour/features may be different. Does the Windows version of Palm Desktop specifically mention CSV in the export options? On the Mac, it is either "Tab and Return" or "Palm Desktop". No explicit mention of CSVs.


I'll get some sample data together that demonstrates the problems and send it on - will hopefully get chance to play this weekend.

Posted: Sep 24, 2008


I just came here to post a quick note saying I hadn't yet got around to sending you some example data (my Palm sync is having issues that I need to sort). I was going to say I'd get some together in the next couple of days, but now I find you've already implemented an importer!

I'll give it a play - in the next few days - and see how it fares. Is there still any point me sending you any sample data in different formats (the data file as stored on the Palm, the data file stored on the Mac if you use Missing Sync, etc)?

I'll get myself a pro account when I'm all imported, as promised.

Posted: Sep 16, 2008

I'm sure you're suddenly getting overwhelmed with requests like this now that Appigo has released Notebook, which looks like the best syncing note-taking app on the App Store. I'd just like to add my voice to the chorus :)

I've only just started playing around with this (unlike raabrr for example, I only have 400 notes, but that's still a lot of copy-pasting!) and the first thing I did with toodledo was look for note importing. I'd love to see this; I'm coming from the Palm but could probably whip up a script to convert my Palm data to something (XML? CSV?) that could be imported by toodledo.

Much as I hate to sound like I'm trying to bribe you, I'm with raabrr (if he's serious!) in that I'd willingly donate some money towards this - I guess the best way would be through subscribing to a Pro account? I'm also willing to help with testing; I'm a developer myself and am quite meticulous when submitting bug reports (I'll happily spend a good while working out how to reproduce errors).
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