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Posted: Nov 29, 2012

Hope this is the right folder for this comment..

Love the new iPhone interface. BUT I think you made a mistake. We do not need a "Quick Add Task" bar under the search bar. That is messy and redundant, since there is already the ubiquitous "Add Task" button in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Who really needs to quick add a task? Just click on the button already there and leave the interface clean. Please


Posted: Feb 23, 2009
From Topic: Contexts on iPhone?

Sorry if this has been asked, I searched but could not find it.

1) I use Toodledo about 99 percent of the time on my phone, I just check in once a week via the web page and clean things up, copy and paste stuff if need be. I like working with contexts, and assign contexts when on the web page. But unless I am doing something wrong, I have no idea how to sort by context on my iphone?

2) The web page is most important for me as a way of backing up my tasks, even the completed ones, I want to keep them indefinately. I upgraded to the super duper pro account, whatever that is called. Am I completely backed up for as far back as I want now, or do I have to do something special in my settings?

3) I am sure I do not want to carry all of my completed tasks around with me on my phone forever, what do I do to remove them from my phone but NOT from Toodledo online? I want the peace of mind always knowing my stuff is backed up for reference.



Posted: Jan 04, 2009

Sorry to be such a pest, but it still imports the garbled text, nothing right. SUch a simple process, am doing exactly what your instructions say to do.

Can it be some problem with my Palm desktop software? Do I need a certain version to export properly or something?

Posted: Dec 28, 2008

Am fast becoming a convert to the Toodle thing for my desktop and mobile time & task management.. seems like a lifesaver, after trying so many systems and platforms and devices.

Unfortunately, it seems that Contexts are not avail;able on the iPhone app? Can not assign or sort by context on the iPhone? From your iPhone web page below it seems to suggest those features listed are available on the phone


Any chance of enabling contexts on the phone app?


Posted: Dec 28, 2008

Thanks for the reply. So far so good.. but big problem on my part - I followed your instructions for exporting and then importing Tasks from my Palm as a TDA file, and on the ToodleDo side it imports a bunch of junk.. notes are garbled, titles of tasks are all messed up, and due dates are set to 1969.. unusable.

Am I doing something wrong importing?

Posted: Dec 28, 2008

Sorry, FINAL question: can I also import my calendar events from my Palm OS files, and have them in my history on ToodleDo calendar? Sorry,l all of these questions are related to whether I can use ToodleDo as my one stop place for all of my tasks and events. Thanks

Posted: Dec 28, 2008

Sorry I have one more critical fllowup before I can make the commitment to using ToodleDo as my big solution: I have a bunch of completed Palm OS tasks in my desktop Palm archive. I see your instructions for importing tasks, but is there anything to be aware of when importing completed tasks? What if I import tasks that were marked completed 3 years ago, will that work? I want all of my stuff, past present and future, in one place.

Thanks again!

Posted: Dec 28, 2008

I think I may have finally found my solution, with ToodleDo online & your iPhone App. But a few questions I am not clear about:

1) If I want to use the ToodleDo calendar as my primary online calendar, can I sync my calendar events on my iPhone with my ToodleDo calendar?

2) Archiving past events is critical for me, how far back can I archive my calendar events? I need to save all of my data on my calendar, if an event is not worth saving I delete it, but if it is I need to save it forever.

3) Same with Tasks, if a completed task is not important I delete it right away, but if it is important for reference I need to save it forever. Is that possible?