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Posted: Jun 22, 2009
From Topic: Sync with Reminderfox

Is there a way to sync with Reminderfox a reminder tool/addon for firefox browser?


Posted: May 19, 2009
From Topic: SMS Text reminder

I have set up my account to send SMS text reminder to my phone when the task is due. Recently i starting getting those SMS alerts 1 hour before the task is due. Usually i get it very close to the reminder time i set.. but recently it has become very erratic either it comes 1hr or 2hrs before the reminder time or 1hr after the reminder time.

for example, i set a task reminder at 9am eastern, i get reminder at 7am itself or at 10 am.

I checked my account and the time zone is set correctly to Eastern time zone. So not sure if this is a bug or if i am doing something wrong. Any suggestions?


Posted: Jan 27, 2009

Posted by Toodledo:
That might be possible by sending SMS messages and listening to the reply, but what we really want is for Apple to support reminders without needing to send and reply to SMS messages. We're hoping that Apple supports it soon.

I agree with your note on Apple should support reminders. But as usual, there is no information available from Apple if they are even looking into it. In the meantime, can Toodledo provide the functionality of replying SMS?


Posted: Jan 26, 2009

Posted by Toodledo:
Unfortunately, Apple does not allow third-party applications to popup reminders.

Will this be possible?

When an SMS arrvies, there is an option to either close or reply. Can we reply with a specific text say "CLOSE" or "DONE" then that response should mark that task as complete. Is this doable?


Posted: Jan 23, 2009

One of the features that is available in MS Outlook tasks is when you set a reminder and the reminder pop-up you have the option to mark that task complete.

Is there any similar function in Toodledo. If i set a reminder on a task, i get a txt messg on my iphone and i have to go in to Toodledo and then mark that as complete.

Instead of sending a txt mesg, can the Tooldedo app in iPhone pop up a reminder and provie an option to mark the task complete?


Posted: Sep 18, 2008

I apologize if this issue has been already addressed elsewhere. If so please give me the links. I know how to set a due time but and i sync it to my iphone using To Do. How to set the tasks to reminder automatically like 5 mins before the task is due or just set a reminder for a particular time.