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Posted: Mar 09, 2012

My GTD journey has brought me to an acceptable but not ideal solution using the the Netcentrics GTD Outlook Add-in with Outlook on my PC and then syncing via gSyncit with ToodleDo so that I can view my tasks on my iPhone in the ToodleDo app when I am away from my computer.

Here is tough challenge to explain, let alone accomplish…

The GTD Outlook Add-in that I use (by NetCentrics Corp) lists my contexts (@Calls, @Computer etc….) as categories in Outlook.

It also has a category called Projects under which are listed all of my projects (Plan and prepare for birthday party, Adjust stock portfolio, Do maintenance on vehicles etc…)

Each of these projects has multiple tasks beneath them that are steps toward completing the Projects.

The task views I use most often in Outlook show:
- The Contexts with the relevant tasks listed beneath them
- the Projects with the relevant tasks listed beneath them

In the ToodleDo iPhone App I have been able to reproduce the Contexts view, but not the Projects view.

I have tried without success to make the Projects that are listed beneath the Projects category in Outlook my Folders in Toodledo, and to keep the Contexts that are also listed as categories in Outlook as Contexts in Toodledo.

If you can explain how to generate both views in the ToodleDo iPhone app, or offer another solution to accomplish my goal I would be thrilled.

For now I have compromised by giving up on the Tasks by Project view in the iPhone ToodleDo App and just view tasks according to Contexts.


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Posted: Mar 03, 2012
From Topic: Toodledo Sync

If someone would send me the file I would be most appreciative. I wonder why it was removed from the Internet?
Dave at nstepcon@gmail.com

Posted: Mar 03, 2012

I would also appreciate the file: nstepcon@gmail.com
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