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Posted: Apr 18, 2013
From Topic: Iphone Sync problems

I need to dump the whole program and use something else. Toodledo isn't responding to this issue so I'm assuming they don't care much and I can't wait. Thanks BS LLC.

Posted: Apr 11, 2013
From Topic: Iphone Sync problems

Wrong. Read your own instructions:

"You should always be able to force a sync from the website to the iPhone if you notice this happening. To force a sync, tap on "Settings" then "Synchronization" then "Modify Account Login" then "Force Toodledo.com -> Device Sync"."

"... from the website ... ", NOT "...from the Ap....".

If a force a sync "from the Ap" then it does NOT fix the problem. The only way I have found to fix the problem is to delete the Ap altogether, reinstall and then sync.

NEW TREND: I'm starting to observe that most (not sure about "all") of the problems exist if I change the title of the note. As soon as a title is changed, even 5 seconds after the note is created, then it will no longer sync withe the web ap.

Are you guys working on this at all? I haven't seen any substantive updates in while.

To clarify, i'm using toodledo both via Web and Ap.

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Posted: Apr 08, 2013
From Topic: Iphone Sync problems

All comments made by BUSINESS SUPPORT LLC are spot on!!! I've been struggling with the synching as well and pretty much at my wits end. When a productivity tool has a critical bug, then it becomes anti-productive. Destroying my time versus making life easier.

I tried forcing a synch as was suggested by JAKE. But the click route doesn't even exist!! i.e. there is no SYNCHRONIZATION after SETTINGS.

The only thing I have tried that helps is deleting the the iphone Ap and reinstalling, at which time all my notes populate from the cloud properly. Kinda sucks.