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Posted: Sep 21, 2012

Posted by Jake:
Or testing indicated that it might be the "timer" field that was causing the crash, so you might try disabling this field in the settings section and see if that helps.

This resolved the crash problem for me, too. Thank you.

Posted: Jun 02, 2012
From Topic: Checklists

Does Toodledo work well as a checklist application? I currently have a number of basic checklists, such as the steps of the GTD weekly review, what to pack for a trip, tasks that should be performed once per month or once per quarter, etc. I currently keep these checklists in Handyshopper on my Palm. It would be great to incorporate these checklists so they are all on the same device (an ITouch), if not in the same application as my everyday task list. But I don't want to go to the trouble to set it up if it is just trying to put a round peg into a square hole. Are there any suggested best practices to incorporate checklists in Toodledo without confusing them with my regular task list? I would appreciate any suggestions.