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Posted: Apr 11, 2012
From Topic: Location distance

Hi there, I am just starting to use the location feature but am initially concerned about battery life. I noticed the iPhone Reminders app uses a Geo Fence, but I would prefer to have everything in one place on Toodledo - is this similar to how the location alerts are worked within Toodledo? Or does the Reminders app work in a different way?

Posted: Oct 08, 2010

Thankyou Toodledo,
All working now :-)

Posted: Oct 06, 2010

Hi There,

When adding tasks via email, I am unable to specify the Location.

I have a location defined as "Home" in Toodledo and the subject line of my task is

TEST -Home :0 #Today $Active *Inbox

I have also tried with other locations I have set up and I cannot get it to register. It acknowledges all of the other inputs, but doesn't seem to recognize the location parameter.

Anyone been able to get this working?


Posted: Apr 17, 2010

I had a similar problem in Outlook 2007 -- when I had been away for a few weeks.

I cannot recall the exact specifics, but it was beacuse my virus definitions files where considered out of date. There is an option in Outlook where you select the security level and I had selected - "No warnings if Virus Files Uptodate" (or a similar message).

Once they updated, the problem was gone. I don't have Outlook 2007 here with me, but if you want me to check where the option is please let me know.

** EDIT ** -- Googled it, these are the options:-
Click "Tools," "Trust Center." The "Trust Center" dialog box will open. Click "Programmatic Access."

The Programmatic Access security settings in the Trust Center provide the following options:

* Warn me about suspicious activity when my antivirus software is inactive or out-of-date (recommended) This is the default setting in Office Outlook 2007. Suspicious activity refers to an untrusted program attempting to access Outlook.
* Always warn me about suspicious activity This is the most secure setting and you will always be prompted to make a trust decision when a program attempts to access Outlook.
* Never warn me about suspicious activity (not recommended) This is the least secure setting.

Try updating your Virus Definition files and see if it goes away.


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Posted: Apr 17, 2010


Outlook reminders (ie. When you flag emails in outlook are not true tasks). I don't know why, but Outlook treats them differently. I used to drag emails to the task icon and creates a proper Outlook task which then syncs with Toodledo -- this works, but you are limited on the fields you can set.

I then started to use some custom VBA in outlook which I convert emails to tasks by clicking on an icon. It brings up a custom form similar to the Firefox Plugin "Add Tssk to Toodledo" where I can add next action and other parameters - due date, due time, contect, tag, folder, reminder, etc). It uses dropdowns and the tasks get saved in Outlook Tasks which then subsequently saved to Toodledo. It requires some setup and basic Outlook VBA Knowledge (I only have basic knowledge), but it does work really well - at least I think so !!

I don't have ny setup here with me, but I can look it up next week and it may give some clues as to how to get it to work.


Posted: Apr 02, 2010

Hi Mark,

I have been using Toodledo on line and on the iPhone (using Toodledo iPhone app) and haven't experienced losing tasks. Try going to Account Settings and scroll down and select Recently deleted tasks. This will tell you how the task was deleted (ie. On iPhone or clicking on trashcan, etc).

If this doesn't solve the mystery, then you should open a support ticket at this link.

In terms of adding fields to the iPhone app, Settings > fields and Defaults. Click on Re-order (top right) and then simply drag the field you require from Unused to Used using the 'icon' on the right. See customising lists in the Help documentation on the iPhone for more details.

Hope this helps

Posted: Mar 18, 2010
From Topic: Timstamping Notes

I use Autohotkey (www.autohotkey.com) for Windows and I have the following script to enter date and time

FormatTime, CurrentDateTime,, dd/MM/yyyy h:mm tt
SendInput %CurrentDateTime% {enter}

It gives the format 18/03/2010 10:32 PM

You can also get it to do lots of other things, but it does require a little more effort than TextExpander.


Posted: Mar 07, 2010

Hi There,

I have been using Outlook 2007, Outlook Sync Tool, Toodledo.Com and Toodledo on the iPhone for over 12 months and it works really well. Are you using Appigo Todo or Toodledo on the iPhone?

What version of the Sync Tool are you using? I am using v1.0.1.6 which is the latest from the www.chromadrake.com website but previous version have worked fine too.

Other things to check are you timezone on the Toodledo.Com website as this has been know to cause Sync Errocs.

Keef who develops the Sync Tool os very helpful and maybe able to help with issues between Outlook and Toodledo.Com website. You need to turn on logging in the Diagnostcis tab, perform a sync, copy the logs to a text file and then email the file through to developer@chromadrake.com.

If you are using Toodledo for iPhone (and not Appigo Todo) then you should submit a support ticket (see https://www.toodledo.com/info/contact.php) to the Toodledo team and they should be able to identify why your tasks are being deleted.

Assuming your tasks created in Outlook or the iPhone make it to the Toodledo.Com website, you should goto Account Settings > Recently Deleted Tasks (https://www.toodledo.com/delete_log.php - you may need to change https to http if you dont have a pro account) and it will tell you how the task was deleted.

Hope above helps.

Posted: Feb 27, 2010


Been using Toodledo.com in conjunction with iPhone for over 12 months and it definitely works well.

For support tickets, see https://www.toodledo.com/info/contact.php


Posted: Feb 25, 2010
From Topic: Making TD a habit


Also check out http://www.dial2do.com/
After registering your mobile and email address, you can call them - say Reminder and then record a message.

They will transcribe the message and email it to you (it can also add directly to Toodledo, but I don't use this feature). It also includes a link to a WAV file which is the original message your left.

They have a free account for doing this (limited to 20secs), but this is plenty for leaving yourself a quick reminder when you don't have a pen/paper to hand.

All you pay for is the short call (I am in the UK, and it a standard number so it is part of my inclusive calls package).

Check out http://www.dial2do.com/faq for a list of where they have local numbers (They only support English transcribing at the moment).


Posted: Feb 25, 2010


The Chromatic Dragon Sync Tool does sync notes - I m fairly certain. You are talking about syncing Outlook Notes with the Toodledo Notebook?

If so, it was released in v1.0.1.1 of the Sync Tool. It is now upto v1.0.1.6 and the functionality is still there.

Give it a try.

Posted: Jan 23, 2010
From Topic: Firefox addon

Check out https://www.toodledo.com/widget/firefox_plugin.php
It is already out ...

Posted: Jan 09, 2010

Great add this is extremely useful - I used this feature from the iphone app regularly and really missed it on the website.

My mail comes through to the iphone too, so I was wondering if there any chance of enhancing to include a link which will fire up Toodledo on the iPhone when you click on it.

Maybe it could be linked to notifications, if you have enabled then for the iphone then you also get a link on email that works with the toodledo app (otherwise it could be annoying for those without an iphone).


Posted: Jan 06, 2010

Hi Brian,

I don't use a Mac, but I do recall the one on the Firefox Addons was out of date and I had a similar problem a while back on Windows.

You should use this one here.


Posted: Oct 21, 2009

I would love this feature too :-)
I will contact Keef.

Posted: Oct 20, 2009

Hi all,
I have been using 1.5.4 with a proxy (no authentication). It has always worked with previous versions too so must be related to authentication.

This message was edited Oct 20, 2009.

Posted: Aug 26, 2009
From Topic: Contexts not syncing

I have Outlook 2007 and I can confirm it is working with the latest version of the SyncTool that Keef released - v. (which incidentally says v1.0.1.0 in the About on the app).

I have tried creating a new task with a context and also changing the context of an existing task on the website. All came through to Outlook correctly.

Which version of the sync tool are you using ?


Posted: Aug 25, 2009

Hi Keef,
Upgraded to with no problems
The notes sync works very well, and I have started to use this a little more. I have continued to map the Folders to Outlook categories.
Thanks for the update

Posted: Jul 25, 2009

Hi Marco,

The Outlook Sync Tool is a 3rd Party App (not from Toodledo), so you should repost in the 3rd Party App Forum.

It is my undertanding that Outlook High Priority maps to Toodledo High Priority. The issue is for tasks created on the website with a Top priority, it has nowhere to go in Outlook, so the Outlook Sync tool assigns it a High Priority.

If you post in 3rd Party App Forum, I am sure Keef will be able to advise further.


Posted: Jul 23, 2009

Hi There,

I use this setup at the moment - Outlook > Toodledo.Com > iPhone and it works flawlessly.

Before people on here will be able to help, and there will be lots of people willing to help you will need to provide some basic information.

1) What version of the sync tool are you using.
2) Double check your login details are correct.
3) Make sure your time on Toodledo correclty matches the time on your PC.

You could also try these steps:-
1) You don't mention that you have tasks in Outlook. I presume you do, but please try create a task in Outlook and a task on Toodledo.Com. For example call them OutlookTask1 and ToodleDoTask1
2) Go into the outlook Sync tool and goto the diagnostics panel (Select both trace options at the top).
3) Perform a sync and you will find that there is diagnostic information logged relating to the Sync. There is a lot of information, but normally glancing through it you may be able to identify errors and express them here so people can comment.
4) Copy the text from the sync and save to a text file -- you may need this later and could perhaps email to the developer so he can isolate the problem.

1) Did the tasks sync ?
2) Where there any noticaable errors in the log file?

Hope you get it working soon.
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