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Posted: Jan 05, 2009

Just lost ALL of my tasks...52 of them. PLEASE add a feature "Deleted Items" so that they can be recovered. I don't know if it's my iPhone (I think it is) or your site, but they vanished. I need to sweep up my hair now...yeah, I pulled it all out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: Jan 05, 2009

Posted by george:

since it seems I'm one of the few unfortunate users that somehow I get tasks erased can I make a suggestion?

Actually this is a suggestion for the site.

Add a Deleted (Trash Can) link where deleted tasks appear (at least for a week). I can't think of any way the task to disappear unless it gets deleted so hopefully it will be placed in the trash can. The user then can recover it.


Posted: Oct 04, 2008

For about a week I've been using both ToodleDo and Remember the Milk, in an effort to evaluate which is better for me. And have also purchased To Do from Appico.com (which works with both).

In all respects I prefer ToodleDo, EXCEPT one huge stumbling block for my style of organization, which is the ability to get alerts (notifications) sent by email or sms (preferred) to my iPhone with to-the-minute accuracy.

I read in one posting that this may be a feature soon added. Remember the Milk ALREADY has this feature, which may sway me toward their application. I also read about iPhone app, TextLater, but that's just one more step that I wish to avoid.

Any hope of getting that feature added SOON? Any other suggestions on how to work around my problem with ToodleDo?