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Posted: Feb 03, 2009

Forum seemed to give the wrong topic for this post, I apologise if you got here by mistake!!!

Is there a way to show the title of the Main Task when looking at the sub tasks.

I have a simple structure
1. Folders (or Business Department)
2. A number of tasks (or projects) in the each folder
3. A number of sub tasks in each Project

This all looks nice in folders view but when I look in priority etc my sub tasks could just be "Call John" which is not very informative, so whilst it may show the folder i.e. Technical it does not show what the main task is. I could do it by putting in the Sub Task title 'Call john about xyz project' it seems pointless having the sub tasks and I could just use TAGs to group them.

Yes I can click on the sub task item but then it brings the tasks together out of priority. It also does not help when I print them off for my line manager to review

Any suggestions


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