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Erik Cornelissen

Posted: Oct 16, 2008

I subscribe to my toodledo list in my google calendar, so I can see todos with a due date on the calendar. When I complete a task, that task disappears from the calendar as expected. However, if I change the date of a task, it does not update the date on the calendar. I am missing a setting somewhere to do this?

Also, if I have a repeating task (say on the 15th of every month). If I complete that task on the 13th of that month (2 days before), it still shows up that month, when I would only expect it to show the following month. Is there a way to change this?
Erik Cornelissen

Posted: Oct 08, 2008

I like the grid view so that I can see what attributes a task has at a glance. It becomes cluttered with many tasks, so I end up using multi-line view. I like the multi-line to edit the attributes, but in the same way that grid view becomes cluttered, so does expanding all multi-lines.

I'd like to suggest a summary of attributes after a task when the details are not expanded (in italic or gray so they do not add to clutter). As an example, a task might look like:

My Task (high priority, due 01-OCT-08, tag1 tag2)