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Posted: Dec 15, 2012

Posted by Joyce:
I prefer the classic layout to the grey layout as well. So much so that I don't want to call it "old"

It's Classic and classy. Not grey and drab.

That's my opinion :)


Posted: Dec 11, 2012

Posted by helillourenco:
Thanks for the downgrade, I really regard this as a respectable, bold move. As I stated before, the app could use a redesign, but I believe the main reaction came from losing function - not colors and fonts here and there. I am also re-reviewing my rating at the appstore and hope this straighten the relations between developers and users.


Thanks Toodledo! I tried using Reminders in ios during this 'grey' period and while I could make Reminders work for my "plain vanilla" GTD, the lack of auto sorting was just a pain. Numerous clicks to add task details too.

I love TD because I can keep the UI clean, syncs flawlessly, and makes full use of screen real estate, while keeping everything elegant.

Thanks guys!

Posted: Dec 11, 2012

Posted by mpc_janssen:
What works for me is a simple "Project" context where I add all my projects as tasks, so I have an easy overview of all my active projects. When a project is done I check off the project task.
I don't really need a link between projects and actions, because I am fairly strict with my weekly review which I found is another essential ingredient to make GTD work.

I do the same. I have a fairly long list of projects but I manage fine setting them up as contexts. So I just have 2 contexts for projects - "Projects | Work" and "Projects | Personal". I tried using goals or folders but I just find the extra clicks just aren't worth it. This way too, I just spend most of my time in the contexts view.

I remember during my m505 days I had this app called ShadowPlan that allowed you do all sorts of links and hierarchies. Totally loved the cool factor but was a bother doing all the housekeeping.

I do use another app on my ipad along with toodledo for projects brainstorming called ThinkBook. This is where I can do all indents and hierarchies but like I said, I only use it to brainstorm. Not affiliated to them at all. Awesome form factor.

Posted: Nov 30, 2012


I didn't update my ipad with the new version as well. I have on my iPhone and honestly can't bear using it. Very cluttered. Loved TD and will likely keep it in the background until a better update comes, but am also on the lookout for a replacement.

Posted by colossusfr:

I use Toodledo for many years. I use both on Iphone, IPad and on the web. I have done the update on IPhone. I won't do it on IPad !!! I don't like the update at all. The grey scheme is awful, not readable at all. Please let us to choose between the new scheme and the old one.
Agree with "kiteboy" : The fonts are both too big (task names) and too small (everything else). Moreover, they don't use the row heights effectively.

I will wait that all these things will be fixed before an update on IPad.


Posted: Nov 29, 2012

Totally agree with the smaller font.

A big reason for me for sticking with Toodledo is because I can maximize screen real estate - whether on my iPhone or iPad.

Other task management apps have too much wasted space and as my to do list can easily run way past a few screen lengths - even in the same context - I really prefer smaller fonts.

Pls consider.