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Adam Compton

Posted: Jun 06, 2013

It doesn't look like the API supports the new Outlines feature yet (although I'm just looking at the docs, I haven't actually tried any API calls). Is that correct? If so, when do you think outlines support might be added?

Adam Compton

Posted: Jul 09, 2011

I've created a fork of Poodledo and updated it to use the Toodledo v2.0 API, including using HTTPS whenever possible.

Check it out! Bug submissions, pull requests, and any other feedback welcome.

This message was edited Jul 09, 2011.
Adam Compton

Posted: Jul 26, 2010

For what it's worth, I would also very much like this feature. I've given up on trying to use the built-in categorization options (view by folder/tag/context/etc.), and I was hoping to save searches to generate the views I needed most often. However, not being able to save the sort, subtask state (flattened etc.) and columns also makes this feature of limited use to me.
Adam Compton

Posted: Oct 08, 2009
From Topic: Reorder subtasks?

I'll chime in with a vote for this feature to be added soon. It's currently my biggest stumbling block with Toodledo.
Adam Compton

Posted: Feb 05, 2009

So how do you guys handle the GTD suggestion that projects have a note attached that describes the desired outcome? I like Toodledo a lot, but I am having a hard time getting started with it because of this issue.

When I start a new project, I like to write down everything I can think of about it, and then cull through that reference to determine next actions and create tasks. During a weekly review, I look at the notes for each of my active projects and make sure that the tasks I have created are still in keeping with the desired outcome (and to refresh my memory of any incidental information about the project).

If I use folders in Toodledo to manage my projects, it's possible to associate notes with them, but it's not possible (as far as I'm aware) to look at the notes for a folder at the same time as the tasks for that folder. Also, as previously noted, it's hard to create new folders on the fly. If I use tags to manage projects, they're easy to create on the fly, but it's not possible to attach a note to them at all (that I can see).

Basically, I want a container of some fashion, where I can save some information common to all the tasks in that container that isn't tied to the completion of any one specific task. Ease of creating such a container would be a significant bonus. It seems like sub-tasks might be a way to handle this, but I still have only a free account and I'd rather not pony up unless I am more confident they'll meet my needs.

Any ideas?
Adam Compton

Posted: Feb 04, 2009

I'd also like to put in a vote for a more integrated form of Folder Notes, particularly some way to view the contents of a folder alongside the tasks in it. The first thing I do when I break a project down into tasks is to braindump the project's parameters and desired outcome, and then use that data to define tasks. I then revisit the project notes for all my active projects during my weekly review, adding and revising any tasks that I might have forgotten earlier. This is much harder to do when the notes are stuck in a different organizational system.
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