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Posted: Jan 06, 2013

I got my Toodledo pro subscription so I could sync records from my Android DueToday application. I prefer using the DueToday interface, which was specifically designed to support "Getting Things Done." I'm very happy with the combination.

Posted: Jan 06, 2013

I severely limit what I keep as physical records so that my files are limited. Part of my daily routine is to scan all incoming snail-mail into Evernote where it is indexed by content. I try to add two or three tags to remind me why I kept it at all. I scan and throw away all receipts each day also. The system only works if you keep up with it each day, but one benefit is that it naturally causes me to resist keeping material I don't really need. All of my video resource material is managed by XBMC software where it is not only indexed, but available to play on-demand (the media computer has a very big hard drive). All of my photos are scanned into Picasa. (I'm considering moving them to Evernote because of its search capability.) Books are the only hard information source I have not managed well. I try to buy only Kindle books, not only because they are cheaper and more accessible, but because they are easier to read and access quickly. I am building a set of "literature review" notes with clipable APA style citations, ISBN numbers, and a brief description, sometimes with the cover of the book scanned, but those references don't help me know where I put the book, many of which are stored in boxes in my attic. I have actually gone to the library to check out a book I already own because it was faster than going through all the bookshelves and boxes of books. I have also purchased digital copies of books I already own so I can read them on my Kindle. (I have a large personal library.)

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