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Posted: Aug 21, 2012

Posted by a. acevedo:
the best thing to do, is maybe try to delegate the queries and such to someone else. i know that's not always possible, but it is worth a try.

Hi thanks, might try it, although there are only 3.5 of us in the office, and I'm the "go to" person or some what of 'the face' of the company unless its top 1% directors of our client.

We do delegate, sort of, checking each others work at times, and that's been a BIG help, or as I stated our director will lend a hand on the bigger issues that I can't solve, but lucky (for him) he never has to check his emails on a regular basis. But maybe sending a list of email queries over to someone once a day, as a back up to help with not letting anything slip through,

Posted: Aug 20, 2012

Actually just writing it all down again, maybe if I don't have to work with my director that day, I can put in 30 minutes of project time. And even though I prefer to go through emails one by one, maybe just prioritising and doing 1 or 2 important emails and then do the rest after 30 minutes of project work???? Guess I'll just have to try it out.

Posted: Aug 20, 2012

Ok, I've a bit of a pickle. I have multiple roles within my company, like many of us do (big sigh, right?).

My main job really is client support, so two of my most important tasks that I do daily, is to go through my checklist to make sure our systems are 'behaving' and the second is to answer any queries from any 75+ possible clients that may email me.

This can range anywhere from an hour to half of my day, depending on what's happening and how time consuming it takes to find out what's going on with our system and how long it takes to explain/fix/escalate any issues to our clients.

However I also have other responsibilities, mainly on projects, not to mention meetings about meetings about meeting or I'm interrupted for some crisis or another. But I'm so wiped afterwards that getting to projects that can quite frankly take up lots of mental space for me is draining.

This is how I have my time scheduled at the moment for the mornings:
1. Review & write down tasks
2. Team scrum meeting
3. Work with director on any issues (right after our meetings is the only time available)
4. Answer/prioritise queries (ie figure out what is going on, look through system, fix/investigate & then explain)
5. Check systems
6a. Work on project if I'm not interrupted (I might usually have 3 projects on the go, for different clients)
6b. Or if its the first week of the month, I have lots manual of reports to send to clients, so any projects are on hold until they are out.
7. I usually have 2-3 queries from my co-workers as well to figure out.
8. Review my tasks again, clear off my desk to get ready for next day.

What I like to do is to set aside some time in the mornings, even just for 30 minutes to work on a project fresh. But I have found that this interrupts my 2 main responsibilities of answering queries in a timely manner and ensuring the system is working fine. Both of which if there ever is a problem and I don't address it right away becomes a major crisis.

Sorry for the long post, but any suggestions? Thanks

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Posted: Apr 30, 2012

Pah, I actually just saw that the Goals section has room for typing in the description of the goal, which is why I didn't put my goals in there, instead opted for the folder & notes option. Will have to re-think a few things.

NEVERMIND, went to update my goal, then all associated tasks to that goal were taken off. Oh well I'll stick with my original plan, folders for goals.

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Posted: Apr 29, 2012

Reading the above replies have been interesting.

I just spent the day organising TD to try to fit into Franklin Covey method. Been using the paper based FC system on & off for almost a decade now. As for my roles, I only really have 5 separate ones, so usually the tasks tend not to overlap.

What I'm after (I guess) is to make sure I have some balance within my roles & values, I tend to get really focused in just one area within certain time frames.

*Roles (each role has its own folder)
*Sharpen the Saw (just all in one folder)
*Goals (each goal has its own folder)
Within the folders I put in the tasks and I have associated notes, like I typed in the description/definition of each role/goal in the notes section. The Goal task will always be used even if the task overlaps a role, but the tags will always bind them together on that level.

Definition of
Again all put into the respective folders.

*Sharpen the Saw
Since each task can be linked to a role, goal,etc, I thought this would be the best way to keep them organised. I do not plan on creating any more tags than this for simplicity. I'm hoping the tags will always be spread-out amongst my weekly tasks so that I know I'm balanced.

I'm using GTDTD on my Android, I just have not figured out how to display tasks in the order that I want on a daily basis. I'm trying to keep this system for my big rocks, those just seem to be the hardest to keep my eye on.

Basically I am just trying to get this system to map out important tasks that I want to associate with goals, roles, etc. To make it a bit more complicated, I also have Outlook w/ BCM at work, plus our PM system we share as a team and a paper. I also have Evernote, but find that if I have a task associated with anything in Evernote, I just copy the Evernote link within the notes section.

Oof typing it all out sounds so complicated though, but I guess I'll see how I get on.

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