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Posted: Jun 09, 2013
From Topic: Sub Sub Tasks

Dear Antonio, Jake and All

This topic of sub sub stuffs is a major issue of Toodledo IMHO, even if the rest is, IMHO too, skillfully and very professionnaly addressed.

I don't have time to find the post where Toodledo member detailed why this position, and why this issue, but I remind the explanation sound correct, and very acceptable.

But, it does not remove the issue of synchronizing Toodledo with business that have deep breakdown structure, like classical project management. When dealing personnal tasks, deep breakdown structure can be adressed by combining folders/projects/tasks. The issue comes when you want to use Toodledo as personnal frontend for ALL your tasks, event thos coming from over repositories, mainly professional, like issue manager or collaborative project management.
Having no deep breakdown structure capability is there REALLY annoying, because one shall do a mapping with the hiearchy of the original repository (Project on one side becomes folder on the other, subproject becomes projets, and other nested items shall then be combined in the name of the task, with - or _, and a naming rule, or some other complex mapping)...

So, event if I am totally satisfied from other perspectives, this issue may constraint me to leave Toodledo, if the mapping is too complicated.

Anyway, the product is good, and the team responsive.

Best regards

Posted: Nov 08, 2012

Dear all

I'am currently searching my GTD processes, and your post are very interesting. Obviousy, they don't free me from working on mine.

To mpc_janssen : I hope I will see the answer from other people on your point, but, in my situation :

For me, an task can :
- be achieved after it has been initiated, and I call this kind of tasks 'action' or 'atomic tasks'.
- or it can last more (2 days, 5 days... or more), mainly because the amount of work to complete the task is long.

Knowing this, many of my task are openned in parallel and, event if it is not yet the case, I hope to be able to provide Gantt to people waiting for my tasks to be completed.

I, honestly too, don't understand why, in your situation, you don't need project to task breakdown.

How many task do you have ?
Are they just atomic tasks ?