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Posted: Jan 12, 2010

@Liden That is not a bad idea, and I may consider it. The only issue I see there is I will have to manually note the next action on each project in the Status field during my daily/weekly reviews. The apps I'm considering, I think, both auto populate the next action lists with the sequentially next task item in your Project(s) once you complete the previous one.

I think what I am realizing is it is coming down to my weakness in Toodledo regarding Projects. The issue noted above and the fact I can't add tasks (with fields more than the Task name) directly to Projects (as subtasks)/am forced to drag them to a Project (for subtasks). I know it seems small, but it it starting to become big as I am "going numb" to the system because of such an issue and it is limiting my efficient use of the GTD system. Maybe I am just lazy!

Thanks for everyone's comments though. I am thinking I may try some modifications to Toodledo while also testing Things and/or OmniFocus (via trials) before making a final decision. More feedback also welcome.

Posted: Jan 12, 2010

@Quang: One of Toodledo's strengths is that it is cross-platform. I am a Apple fanboy however, and *hope* to never look back from my current Mac/iPhone setup. However, if people are cross-platform I agree Toodledo is the best tool.

I used various search views as well. Stars are key to making items appear to me, but I also use Start/Due days to hide/display tasks. Priorities are out of hand for me, they seem only help me order my tasks, but not really help me with what is actionable. I really do want better Project management however - in a way I want to "eliminate" single-action tasks as much as possible.

As you note, you need a system you can trust and suits you. I thing Toodledo flexibility is great in many ways, but it also seem to have me tinkering and attempting to make it work too much. Thanks for your comments.

Posted: Jan 11, 2010

@mco: thanks for your input.

I found these post, podcast, and screencasts which really help explain how OmniFocus & Things work. As @mco noted, Things is more comparable to Toodledo. I think users of Toodledo can even gain by watching how they can optimize their setups.

http://themacscreencastguy.com/blog/2009/11/10/things-vs-omnifocus.html?lastPage=true&postSubmitted= true

In many ways I think what attracts me to OmniFocus is it is "true" in its GTD implementation whereas Things & Toodledo are more freeform. I liked the freefrom abilities of Toodledo at first, but now think it is hurting me.

Also, the biggest downfall to my current GTD setup in Toodledo is Projects. I have them set to be denoted in the Folder field, and put subtasks under them. Due to Toodledo's implementation, each task I create (with other fields, which I use on every task I make) must be created at the top of the screen and the dragged to a Project. Therefore, I don't usually make Projects, I end up with many individual tasks (some related, but not grouped). This seems, for me, to promote single tasks almost exclusively.

Lastly, in Toodledo I yearn for a "Next Action" view based on the next subtask (or task) in a sequence which seems elusive. I like how we can order subtasks now, but setting up a custom search and filing via Folder seem unintuitive to me.

Am I crazy or do I have the wrong Toodledo setup? Or do others have some of the same challenges? I suppose I want to try a more pure GTD setup at this stage of my worklife, and am think I am in he minority, therefore think OmniFocus (unlike Toodledo or Things) is my best route.

Posted: Jan 08, 2010

I've been using Toodledo (Pro) for over a year now and really have liked it, but I think I am outgrowing its current abilities. Plus my former dual life as a PC (at work) and Mac (at home) has changed and I am using Mac at both. Lastly, I really need a system which handles project/next action management in a stronger manner. I've used subtasks and appreciate the better control Toodledo has added there, but it seems Omnifocus handles these better. I have been using a variation of Proximo's GTD setup for about the last six months.

Anybody want to suggest why I shouldn't move from Toodledo to Omnifocus? Anyone have experience with it? I know it has some weaknesses, but for me at this point I need further control, better project/next action management, and easier to use UI to manage my growing tasklist. And as David Allen notes, if you don't trust your or can't easily input data into your system it is not going to work for you.

If I do move off Toodledo I will still support it and suggest it to friends needing a good online task manager, but maybe it is not for me anymore. =(

Thanks for any input.


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Posted: Dec 16, 2009

You can use Appigo's Notebook app. Works good. http://www.appigo.com/notebook/

Posted: Sep 18, 2009

Hi Vin, looks nice. I am going to give it a shot on my work PC and Mac a home. Are there any images here being pulled from your server (the logo) or is it all code? I don't want to get used to something that someday may go away! Thanks for doing this...

Posted: Aug 23, 2009

I turned off the Things Style because it seem to load slow. Also, it just seemed too white by my humble opinion. I like the idea of these customized looks for Toodledo however. If anyone is tinkering with these, keep them coming!

Posted: Aug 23, 2009

In Outlook I was unable to find a way to use flags (or any other method) to do the forward to Toodledo. This macro was it. I will note, as Anders did, that while I still use this macro, I am also now using the Toodledo email import directly in my subject line when forwarding from my iPhone for instance. The codes are a bit tricky, but if you memorize them you can just do that really quick.

Posted: Aug 23, 2009
From Topic: Proximo's GTD Setup

Hello Proximo,

I wanted to let you know I am trying a modified version of your system to "refresh" and make more relevant my growing task list. I appreciate your forum post and screenshares which really helped me envision how to redo my setup in a better way.

Thanks, I'll let you know if I have questions as they come about...

EDIT: Just thought of a few questions when rereading this thread:
1- Why must you have the + in front of the Project name and include the Project name in front of each subtask? Is that just so you can ID those tasks better in other views?
2- It seems you use ticklers in Toodledo if and when only a reminder is needed. I suppose it is my naive understanding of GTD, but I don't fully understand your usage there. Can you define further? I tend to use "Start Date" to hide Actions which I cannot act on until a certain date, but this is different than your tickler use for reminders. Of course, I use the calendar solely for any "hard" events, meetings, etc.

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Posted: Aug 18, 2009

I'm with Wes, I have seen the same behavior on my repeating (daily) tasks and thought it was a bug. I can live with it, but it tends to confuse my view and I end up backing out and back into the said list to have tomorrow's task disappear. Keep up the good work Toodledo.

Posted: Aug 03, 2009

It works pretty well. I have a Pro Account.

I tried to used nonimage's as a Greasemonkey script and had issues with my layout (column resizing tools didn't work leading to issues). This seems to fix that. Only thing I had to do to make it work was resize my text zoom level (-1) and adjust column widths, but it now seems to work.

I'll continue to test and let you know what I think.

Posted: Jul 29, 2009

Excellent news. I also appreciate the explanation.

Posted: Jul 14, 2009

I got the Things Style to work via FF/Greasemonkey. But I had to edit the script to change the "FLUID WIDTH" code [width: 100% removed], otherwise the default Toodledo column sizing tool/buttons did not work. I decided not to use it though, I resize my view via Zoom - and the smaller text/graphics did look quite right.

Posted: Jul 02, 2009
From Topic: New iphone sync

I appreciate the change to exit on sync because my office is in Edge only zone. I was getting many duplicates, so I had to turn off sync at startup. This change is a great FIX for me. Thanks!

An "activesync" would be really cool. Maybe as a middle measure Toodledo can implement an option to sync on start-up and a separate sync on close slider?

Posted: Jun 11, 2009

Thank you for the updates during and the full explanation after the downtime. Your honesty is appreciated.

Further, your giving a month of time to all Pro members is perfectly acceptable to me as a "pay back" for the downtime.

Lastly, I do really appreciate your flexible product and continued updates to improve it. I am sure you'll learn from this event and do all things possible to never let it happen again. One suggestion is to allow users to get a backup copy emailed to them on a regular basis or perhaps create a "offline" ability (via Google Gears, standalone app, etc.) as a possible remedy (and useful solution) to such outages.

All the best... long live Toodledo!

Posted: Jun 08, 2009

I'm trying to test this as well and I cannot get the Things style to work - even with your new directions. Can you help? Thanks for putting this together, interesting concept and I like the Things style (in screenshot).

Posted: Apr 23, 2009

I use Appigo's Notebook, bit have not opened it recently. Oh well, all is fine now and it did not cause any real damage. Manual sync seem to work for the task dupes I was getting.

Posted: Apr 22, 2009

No, they deleted from the website as well. I just added them back on the website and the next sync they came back fine. Tasks which were in the one just went to no folder.

I think it may have been a related Edge issue, when I tried to sync I was inside with 1 bar.

Thanks... looking forward to the next app update. Any estimate on when?

Posted: Apr 21, 2009

I put a vote in for this feature as well. Thanks!

Posted: Apr 21, 2009

I tried manual sync today over Edge and seemed to work better for dupes, but for some reason I lost two folders (one which was empty and one which had 2 tasks). After the sync they just "disappeared."

Is that an iPhone app issue or maybe related to other other Toodledo updates you guys made today.
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