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Posted: Jun 30, 2012

Posted by Glenn Huther:
Posted by sprouty76:
The demise of GotToDo, along with the lack of an official app is going to put me in an awkward position when it comes to deciding whether to renew my Pro membership.

sprouty76: Try Ultimate To Do - it's not as pretty but very powerful once you get used to it.

toodledo developers: SERIOUSLY, consider OUTSOURCING. Find yourself a development team using ODESK . com (there's some pretty good teams offshore) and tell them to replicate the iOS app. Only ToodleDo can authorise/organise that approach from a copyright point of view. You can even plaster it with disclaimers. Once it has proved its popularity / paid for itself, you can take over the development.

Alternatively, grant ME the license to blatantly copy the iOS version and sell it so I can make a profit on the Android downloads :)

Glenn - Outsourcing is the absolute worst mistake you can make with today's mobile apps. As an Android developer of a Fortune 50 retailer's app, I can tell you that outsourcing has created a majority of their issues. It may be cheaper at first, but you spend twice that in time and money when you need to fix things, especially when bad architectural decisions are made, and then built upon. Simply put, you get what you pay for, ever bought anything from the dollar store...? Modern development is no different.

I know that I was too lazy to read through the whole thread, but does Toodledo have any plans of creating an official app? If not, I may make an attempt to create one myself. I love Toodledo's iOS version (excellent job guys), I'd just prefer to use an Android version.