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Randy Maruschock

Posted: Jan 23, 2012

I know there are similar posts to this, but I felt the need to rant and give my 2cents.

I've been a fan of Toodledo for a good 5 years now, and finally upgraded to pro last year. I think it is a great tool for implementing GTD.

However, I think the success of Toodledo to work as a organization method - at least for me - depends on mobile integration. As we are more and more integrated with our devices, we (at least I) expect seamless integration with our online services.

When I was using IOS, Toodledo's app was ok, but not great. Appigo's ToDo really hit the mark, and has fantastic flexibility and customization. Appigo's ToDo really helped me love working with Toodledo

I recently switched to Android however, and since then my affection for Toodledo has waned. While I still think Toodledo is a great service in itself, without the ability to extend the experience into the Android world breaks its ability to be a flexible organization tool, and I feel myself (cringe) debating if I need to switch to RTM (primarily because they have their own app integrated into their service).

The slim web app is ok, but is so inflexible and so cumbersome it's just frustrating.

DGT GTD - This app just ripped apart my subtasks and turned them into individual tasks. The inability to customize the syncing (on change specifically) is a deal breaker for me.

Ultimate Todo List - The interface is just bad. Hard to look at. You have to dive into way too many submenus to do something as simple as change the context when viewing the hotlist.

Due Today - The sync service just wrecked my list. The interface is very nice, and looks to be the best of all the apps. Very flexible, easy switching of context, tag, or other groupings. I really wanted this app to work, as it looked like a winer. After the first sync, I decided to adapt my method to Due Today, which required me switching from the tag field to group projects to using the folder field. Once I made the change and synced, Due Today created duplicates of of all my tasks!! It must not have noticed the tasks were edited and thought they were new. So I deleted the duplicates, hit the "reset" button on Due Today, and synced again. After that sync I then had three copies of all my tasks. Beautiful interface, horrible sync management.

So after three programs over 1 week, spending a few bucks on Due Today, and wasting several hours retuning my tasks to match these programs, I am left with nothing but frustration and doubt if Toodledo is really the organization service that works for me, since it appears to have no interest in making sure it works in the mobile world (unless you have IOS and buy Appigo's ToDo).

Ok, end rant

This message was edited Jan 24, 2012.