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Posted: Jul 26, 2011

Looks great! What a treat. Looks great in Chrome. It will take a few days to get used to, but I really like how you gave more visibility to the notebook. Simple, clean and functional.

Posted: Mar 29, 2010

Great ideas - thanks for the feedback. What's the saying... goals without deadlines are only dreams?

I use a version of the Franklin Covey system: tasks for this month, then break out by day. But I suffer from hectic-life too, but even more so add-a-task syndrome. I create way too much for myself to do! And Toodledo just feeds that addiction. But I'll definitely try the saved-search idea.

Posted: Mar 11, 2010

Thanks - I'll give that a shot. Actually, I just want to make all dates X to no due date, (then work my way through the holding-pen again) so the first option should work.

Posted: Mar 04, 2010

I'm just re-entering work (easing in) after the birth of our second child, and my todo list is a mess. I was wondering if there was a way to mass-change due dates. Probably the best way is to export the list to CSV, edit in Excel, and re-import.

Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome!

Posted: Jul 21, 2009

Love all the improvements.

One minor suggestion related to the online tasks. Toodledo recommends backing up your data (or used to) before downloading/installing an app upgrade. It's a good idea to do frequently anyway just for some redundancy.

I was just wondering if the export to xml or other options could add a timestamp to the file name. Right now it exports as toodledo.xml. If it could download as toodledo07212009.xml (or something like that) that would be cool. Not a big deal, just a thought.

Posted: Jul 02, 2009

Love the update. Especially the new task-editing and adding feature. Lots of useful stuff. Well done!

Posted: Jun 24, 2009

I have to add my agreement to the comments here - excellent customer support and great updates. To be honest getting away from my tasks gave me the freedom to sit back and read a book, which was a nice break.

Thank you for the honest and detailed explanation. I think anyone even tangentially involved in IT probably learned something from your description, so we're all better off.

Posted: Mar 31, 2009

Another idea for conseration:

Add a 'Today' button to the "due date" area for quick reassigning of deadlines. Sometimes I let some tasks slip a few days, and reassigning it using a "today" button would be a lot quicker than scrolling through the wheel (which is nice). There appears to be real-estate available on this screen as well.

Just a thought. Still loving the app.

Posted: Mar 09, 2009
From Topic: Due Date

I'm having a similar issue. Using the iPod touch 2G. It all appears to be correct on toodledo.com, but there are some tasks that display a day off on the app (due tomorrow on the Web appearing due today on the iPod).

My date/time settings online and with the iPod match.

Posted: Feb 20, 2009

Of course this is in no way a priority, but I was wondering if there are any plans for updating the app GUI. I think the functionality of Toodledo online with the app is outstanding, and could be "even better if" it had some GUI options. A few other appstore applications offer choices for customizing the look/feel, such as Todo (which I have now removed after testing the lite version - it just doesn't hold a candle to Toodledo's app). Also, I think the app "Done" has a very sleek layout with the black background, white text, and colored buttons.

Just a thought, and not up there with fixing any bugs or programming improvements to the app.

This message was edited Feb 20, 2009.

Posted: Dec 24, 2008

Great update - lots of new improvements that make it even easier to use. At the moment, I can't think of anything else to suggest!

Posted: Dec 08, 2008

I'd second the second above. Todo just made available a free 'lite' version of their app (limited to 7 tasks total, so you can try it out) and the one-click editing is quite smooth.

Also, and this is minor, their graphics are a little tighter. The checkbox takes up less real estate on the screen and that's nice.

While I'm asking, in the Filter options, it would be cool to be able to filter out specific contexts or even folders. Might add a little more clarity to the day if I can take away a context I'm not worried about at the moment. Given I think this is an on/off choice I'm not sure how that would work.

Posted: Nov 19, 2008

Great upgrades! Love the start screen choice - that really helps me get to where I need to be quickly. That alone sealed the deal (I was toying with trying Appigo's app, but with this - no more questions).

Some suggestions for future upgrades -

An option to hide folders from the folder view. I use some different folders for the notebook and tasks (some the same), and if I could hide those on the app that would be nice. I sync with Appigo's notebook, and you can show or hide different folders in their app. Nice feature.

Multiple sort options would be nice, if that's possible. For example - I'm in the 'due today' folder. If I could sort by 'folder' then by priority (instead of one or the other) that would be amazing. If I could get one additional sort option I might be able to ditch Outlook tasks completely.

All in all a great bunch of upgrades in 1.3. Thank you!

Posted: Nov 10, 2008

Just an update: I uninstalled the security add-on and that has so far eliminated all the problems I was having. The sync took fewer than two minutes to update from the weekend and Outlook 2003 has not locked up, crashed, or otherwise failed.

I think I can live with the reminder to allow access to the program for X minutes (I had to with my Palm). I don't change my tasks enough to sync so often.

Maybe an option to sync after opening Outlook and upon exiting Outlook for a future update?

Posted: Nov 07, 2008

Great advice - thanks. I may try the other security add-on link from your site. This one seems to be slowing Outlook down in all aspects.

So far though it's all syncing perfectly.

Posted: Nov 06, 2008

After a lot of research, spurred by replacing my Palm with an iPhone/iPod Touch, I've settled on Toodledo and the Outlook sync client (still haven't decided which iApp to use yet-I like the Toodledo app because it may sync/display better, but the Appigo looks a little nicer visually and talks to Appigo notebook-which syncs to the Toodledo Notebook).

In the ReadMe, we are recommended not to manually import tasks as this will cause duplication. The first sync is giving me some interesting results and I'd be curious to hear other experiences.

1) so far, so good. No errors on the Outlook side (using Office Pro 2003)
2) it only seems to sync about 1-30 tasks per manual sync operation in this first run-up. I have 423 total tasks in 5 categories/folders; in the end I think I hit 'manual sync' more than 20 times to bring Toodledo online up to the same number of tasks in my Outlook folder. The ReadMe does mention the first sync will take some time because of Outlook goofyness
3) I installed the security add-on to Outlook to give better control of the access notices, and I'm getting a very large and strange collection of programs that claim to be accessing Outlook - from the login software to an XP theme addon (Rich Text Edit Control? Really?). The number of programs wanting access declines with each sync, but I'm telling it to remember the settings. It's possible that it's bringing up any program that connects to the Outlook API and they really aren't trying to access anything. 4) Since installing the security app and the Outlook client I've been experiencing strange startup and slowness problems, but that could honestly be our network
5) I was having an issue where the final total didn't match 423 in Outlook and 422 in Toodledo, but I discovered I had one task in Outlook without a subject/title – so that wasn't syncing

In the end, it might have just been faster to manually import all the tasks, delete them all from Outlook, and do a down-sync. If I didn't have custom data in the Outlook tables I might have done that.

So far a success. If a little time consuming at the start.

This message was edited Nov 06, 2008.

Posted: Nov 06, 2008

Might be easy enough to attach the trashcan icon with folders so you can delete folders as easily as you can individual tasks. Of course, I'm not a programmer so it might not be easy at all.
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