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Posted: Dec 19, 2012

Posted by JPR:
Sort first by "Date Completed", and then by Due Date.

Nice trick there - would not have thought to try that. Works perfectly!

Posted: Dec 19, 2012

I have looked and not found a way to do this. While viewing by Due-Date I do not need, or want, to see the date headings/separators within my task list. Any way to remove those?

Posted: Jul 02, 2011

Any chance you have looked more into this? It would be great to have Google Tasks sync up to Toodledo - would replace your current widgets and provide a great integration with Google.

Posted: Feb 25, 2011

Pocket Informant is much more than just a app to sync with Toodledo for tasks. You can not really compare it to the other task only apps that sync with Toodledo - PI is also a PIM that includes complete calendar management to replace the very lacking Android calendar.

Pocket Informant 1.0 was just released, previous releases were all beta, on the Market and it works pretty dang good. One thing to keep in mine with PI is their past track record with other OSes, this 1.0 version is very basic compared to what it will be able to do after more development time.

Posted: Sep 09, 2010

You will actually need to work with PI on this. Toodledo is just the "back end" and has nothing to do with the sync in PI.

Posted: Aug 28, 2010
From Topic: Invisible task

You should be able to set the priority to "-1 Negative" and hide those tasks. Then as long as you have a reminder it should still go off. I have not done this, but it is what I would try to do.

Posted: Aug 12, 2010

you can not refresh the calendar. if I understand it correctly the gcal updates automatically at various intervals, so basically it is a hurray up and wait situation.

Posted: Aug 12, 2010

I do not use Outlook, but this should hold true. You can not select a email directly from Outlook, you first need to "file --> save as" the email to a folder outside of outlook to attach it. Doing this will create a file outside of the Outlook database you can attach.

Posted: May 24, 2010
From Topic: Context vs. Folders

For me Folders = Lists. That means that I can keep separate lists so that I can narrow my view down to what list I want to work on. Contexts allow even further separation of tasks, by location or similar.

The nice thing about Toodledo is that each person can customize how they use it based on their needs - there is no right way or wrong way to do things. Just find a way that works for you.

Posted: May 20, 2010

Currently no filter by tags, even without that currently it is the best app by far for Toodledo on Android. I am hoping that filtering by tags is something that is released very soon as well.

Posted: Apr 25, 2010

Posted by marphod:

You don't use gmail, do you?

Select box, star, text. For them, it is select box, star, and then the email content.

For remember the milk? Select box, task.

For facebook sends, select box, name.

The box is a little larger than a default web select box, and green. That's not enough of a UI clue that it has COMPLETELY DIFFERENT behavior. It would be infinitely better if used a different image.

I never suggested removing the completion mark. I love how that works, and it is significantly better than RTM check then complete button.

I do use gmail and think that the implementation they use to select multiple emails is perfect. I just do not think that the UI in Toodledo would make sense with two select boxes - one to complete a task and one for multi-select. What would it be - select box to mark a task done -> select box to multi-select -> text?

If your suggestion is to use another tool to schedule my time, that is exactly what I'm trying to avoid doing. I am trying to use a single tool to schedule my time. Making me use a second tool means I'll skip on TOodledo and move on to a tool that actually works.

I guess I look at a task manager and a calendar as two separate things, so two different tools needed. Scheduling time for a calendar appointment and what to do as a task in a task manager.

There is finite time, and I realize they can't meet all my requests. On the other hand, it isn't going to stop me from asking, and making suggestions based on my experience at several companies and lots of UI work.

I would not ask you to stop making requests. They are the only way developers know what their users want. I simply wanted to point out that for every feature request someone makes, someone else has a different opinion and would prefer it another way.

I think if everyone looks at the feature requests over the last 6 - 12 months the majority of them boil down to one thing: UI overhaul. I am in that camp as well, but for the online task managers out there Toodledo is currently by far the most customizable and feature rich one at this time.

Posted: Apr 25, 2010

Posted by marphod:

I'd like a check box that allows me to select several tasks at once, without doing the search/multi-edit trick.

I'd like a hover-over option to edit a task, that gives me all the options on the task, not just the ones visible at my current settings. Or, at least, the same form as you get when you 'add' a task.

Also, the hover-over would be nice to work anywhere over a task/todo, rather than just on the complete button.

This to me would be a pain in the butt to deal with. Anytime I hovered over a task get a full list to deal with? No thanks. And adding in a multi select would just clutter up main view - search/multi-edit is perfect for this.

I'd love if the check-to-complete box didn't look so much like a select box (which is how I think multi-edit is going to work, even if it isn't).

To me this currently makes perfect sense and does not remind me of a select box. As I just mentioned a select box for multi-select would clutter things up even more. It is great being able to just check things off - would be a step back to have a select box and then have to check another button to "complete" a task.

I'd like the ability to say "this is an appointment/meeting" and have the start time and length imply a due time. And a reminder before the start time, not the due time.

Calendar appointment instead of task?

I'd love to see a technical explanation why sort on 3 fields is pay-only, and on arbitrary number isn't available -- it is all in the SQL query, after all and you're not getting back that many lines.

Should not be a technical reason - assuming here the line has to be drawn somewhere for free vs. paid accounts and Toodledo choose 3 sort fields. Need more - upgrade to a Pro account.

If I don't have a pro account, I'd rather not be teased by the options in the sidebar.

Have to promote Pro accounts somehow. Not as obtrusive as the milk service though with their upgrade to pro on every page.

Just thought I would show how much different people have different requests and uses for Toodledo, and how some peoples requests/likes would be setbacks to other people.. It is impossible to meet everyone's feature requests.

Posted: Apr 24, 2010

Not sure if that is possible. One thing you can do is create a forwarding rule in your main email to forward those emails to your school email.

Posted: Apr 17, 2010

Posted by Transisto:
This web app is bogus in many ways and the only little improvement made lately (6 month) are to the iPhone and that iPad app

Just curious on why you continue to use the service then if it is "bogus"?

Posted: Apr 11, 2010

Posted by Transisto:
Look like the legacy Toodledo and RTM todo app are both death.

I look forward to invest my time and $ into a new venture with more vision, maybe open source, or with some solid budget/management/team.

That is very unfortunate.

I fail to see how Toodledo is a dead service? There have been many updates and additions to the service during the past year. You might want to read through the news forum - just because a feature that you might be wanting has not been added does not mean things have not been improved.

Posted: Apr 10, 2010

I am in the same boat as PeterW - I dump everything into my No Folder (Inbox) and clean it up nightly or every other day at least. Gives me the ability to just enter a task quickly, and using GotToDo for Android is great just for this, and go about my day.

At the same time I can see how it would be useful though as another way to enter in tasks.

Posted: Apr 07, 2010

I am not sure if it works with past due dates - I would complete or delete the past due task or move the due date forward to ?today and go from there. Just make sure it is set up to repeat daily or it will not work.

Posted: Apr 06, 2010

Why not use a repeating task with an optional due date for today? This is what I use to get a reminder for the same task everyday even if I do not complete the days before task.

Posted: Apr 04, 2010

You can do a search for items that are checked off and have the name of the specific task you are looking for. Then you can sort by completed date to see when you did the task. Just did a test search on a specific task of mine and it worked great.

Posted: Mar 26, 2010

When looking at my tasks under the tag view sorted by tag tasks with tags in the order of A, B are put into one group. If a task is tagged in the order of B, A though it is a second grouping.

Would be nice if B, A reordered automatically to A, B - that way when grouped you do not have two different groups, but one.
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