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Posted: Dec 03, 2012

I'm one of the lucky ones. While I'm not terribly excited by the new interface, I've survived the ordeal and am now attempting to put my life together and go on, even with the rather dull appearance of TD.

I'm far more concerned about the broken Tag filter feature. I'm seeing three different behaviors.

Going in to select tags to filter by (Show option), when I click on the tiny arrow to show the tags, I get dumped out of TD entirely.

Sometimes, when I expose the tags, they show, but I can't select/deselect them.

When I select "Uncheck all", nothing happens. Sometimes, the app crashes.

In any case, iOS TD is unuseable for me at the moment.

Since I'm not terribly traumatized by this, I guess my request for a fix will stay low on "the list", behind the urgent, even crucial, need for a prettier interface to save those few who have survived this terrible ordeal thus far, but are still in serious danger of permanent psychological damage, from the fonts and colors of the latest version.

AKA, salgud

Edit: After posting here, I decided to try changing the tag filter even though the changes don't show up in the filter menu after I make them. It works if I "uncheck all", then check the one(s) I want to show and close the filter dialog. It's just that the checkmarks don't adjust to the changes until after the fact. When I go back in, they are as I set them last, so it does work, just doesn't update the filters dialog properly. It is still dumping me out entirely at times.

A fix would be good, but the problem is not as traumatic as I previously thought.

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Posted: Nov 23, 2012
From Topic: TD can't sync

I was trying to set it up so I can use the mobile website to access my grocery shopping (free) account, and the TD iOS app to access my work (paid) account. I'm still testing the mobile website, so my iOS app is still set to access the grocery account. I'm really glad I decided to test the mobile website, as it's not working well for me.

This morning, I went it to set up my shopping list for this weekend. The mobile website (accessed through Safari) keeps asking me to sync, and no matter how many times I do, probably a dozen times by now, it always says it's not synced. When I closed out entirely and came back in, the Starred items were un-Starred. When I checked the account from my iMac, and from the iOS app, everything's fine. The Stars and the new items are there. I then deleted the URL for the mobile website and re-entered it, and everything was fine. But only briefly. As soon as I tried to make changes and sync, the same problem returned. It just won't sync.

So I've been experimenting back and forth, trying to get the mobile website to work and refresh properly. But somehow, now I can't get to my grocery account. The mobile website will only access my work account, and doesn't offer the option to change over to the grocery account at all. If I go the the m.toodledo.com website, it shows my work account.

So I'm back looking for another solution to my long-standing quandary. Basically, I can access the work account OR the grocery account from my iPhone, but not both. I was hoping to access my work account from the iOS TD app, and the grocery account from the mobile website via Safari. Not gonna happen!

This is very frustrating. I'm back to considering other options, which include finding a grocery app that meets my requirements, finding a third party iOS TD app that gives me at least some access to TD, or finding a list app that works for grocery lists. This is disheartening because Jake mentioned that having the Search capability on the iPhone app was now a high priority, so I want to free-up the iOS app for access to my work account as I still miss having that capability occasionally, and when the app has Saved Search capability, I'll really want to have that on my phone.

Usually, I enjoy this kind of hunt for the best app, but this one has dragged on way too long. I'm open to suggestions.

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Posted: Nov 19, 2012

Nevermind! :)

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Posted: Sep 01, 2012
From Topic: A TD Grocery List

I gave Shopper a look out of curiousity, but it doesn't have the ability to filter items by store, only areas/aisles. That's a dealbreaker for me. Too bad!

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Posted: Aug 25, 2012

Thanks for the prompt reply.

To answer your question, not really. I needed more than that to get the features I wanted and couldn't find in the gazillions of iPhone apps, and a dedicated TD basic account did the trick. I've already set it up, and I'll describe it in the Tips & Tricks forum after I've had a chance to use it.

Posted: Aug 25, 2012
From Topic: 2 accounts on iPhone

I've gone ahead and done it. I've created a grocery list in TD and it seems, so far, to work well for what I want. After I've used it a bit longer, I'll post how I did it.

I went this route because I had certain features that I wanted, which it seemed to me I could get from TD, which I already know how to use, and is free. I spent most of the morning online searching for a shopping app with all the features I was looking for, but the only one I found with decent ratings (I always check the ratings first) was ListPro, which appeared to have somewhat of a learning curve. So I went with TD.

Posted: Aug 25, 2012
From Topic: 2 accounts on iPhone

Thinking it over, it appears to me that if I unlink the iPhone app from my work account, then purge all the iPhone info, then link to the grocery account, I should be good.

If I decide to to back to the TD work account, the same procedure SHOULD work? I certainly don't want to erase my data, even though I'll back it up before I do any of this.

Edit: Oops, I posted under my other account. This is salgud!

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Posted: Aug 25, 2012

I already have TD for iPhone, and it's ok. But I'm looking for a grocery list app to replace SplashShopper which is no longer working for me. I have a few alternatives.

I can, and have, at least partially, created a grocery list in a separate free TD account, and at least at first glance, looks like it might work well. However, since the iPhone app will only allow me to be connected to one TD account, if I made this switch to using the TD grocery list, I'd have to get another task management app that syncs with my TD work account. So I'm looking for recommendations on which of the iPhone apps that sync with TD are the best. Mainly I want to be able to add tasks to TD from my iPhone, which is almost all I do now in the TD iPhone app. But I would like at least viewing capability of all my tasks. Viewing my TD Saved Searches is probably too much to ask. I haven't heard of any app that does that yet!

This, of course, opens up another possibility. I could choose an iPhone app what syncs with TD for my task list that could also do my grocery list! So many options. So I'm also looking for recommendations for task/list manager apps that sync w/ TD that could cover all my bases here. I'n not sure this will work, but I'm open to your ideas.
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