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Posted: Nov 11, 2012

I just tested mine, and it's working fine. How are you searching for the item in toodledo? Could you possibly have a filter on that's hiding the item?

Posted: Nov 07, 2012

Just to the right of where the sorting icons are, there is a 'page' icon, and then an icon that looks like 2 lines with an up and down arrow. Sounds like you clicked that at some point, it determines if your division sections are collapsed or not. Just click it again.

Posted: Nov 03, 2012

The list out of the help section pops up as a mini window on my screen. When I right click to get a print option, it cuts it off in the middle and includes the background window around it.

Posted: Nov 02, 2012
From Topic: Interfact

Posted by sbolton:

Look at Swift To Do. This is a nice interface, but it seems to lack in other areas.


Are you kidding? I just looked at the screen shots for Swift To Do, and to me they look awful. Guess it's just an example of different tastes. I sure hope toodledo doesn't go in that direction though.

Posted: Nov 02, 2012


I wanted to be able to print out the keyboard shortcuts, so I cut and pasted them into a file. Thought others might find it useful. (I couldn't find a way to print them from inside the toodledo help, maybe I missed it.)

Posted: Oct 27, 2012
From Topic: Mac OS X

ROFL! Jake you are an image of equanimity! I know I speak for many when I say, your website does not suck! It's great and thanks for all your hard work :-)

Posted: Oct 27, 2012

OK. Thanks for the suggestions.

Posted: Oct 26, 2012

I use the scheduler tool fairly regularly. I can edit the tasks listed, but I can't create a new task. I either have to make a note on paper or leave my scheduled list, add task, go back to scheduler and start over.

I'd like to be able to create a new task without having to leave the scheduler.

Posted: Oct 11, 2012
From Topic: Deleted tags

In the upper left list that starts with "Main", click on "Tags". If Tags is not there, you need to go back into settings and make tags visible again.

Then click on tags, turn off all filters under "Show". Click on each remaining tag and you should see the associated tasks.

Posted: Oct 04, 2012

Tasks area
Display Preferences (Edit)
Right above the save changes button is a box to check to put it on the left

Posted: Oct 02, 2012

A couple ways I've contrived deeper hierarchy. These are very effective as long as you're comfortable with the full range of searching & sorting abilities.

Either mulitple tags, or connected with "."
ABC Proj, Part 1, Section 1

Inside of Task Name & Note
Task: "ABC Proj> Action 1" with attached note, "-> Action 2, -> Action 3, etc"
Especially useful if there's really only one actionable item at a time. When action 1 is complete, clone task. Check off one copy. Edit the other copy to now show "ABC Proj> Action 2".

I've also used this with multiple parts:
Task: "ABC Proj> Part 1> Action1", again with attached note with more items.
Then I can do searches for "ABC Proj>" or for "Part 1"

Posted: Sep 26, 2012

I have 750 tasks including completed and uncompleted. I also have about 15 notes, none of which are really big, maybe a half page each.

Posted: Sep 26, 2012

I've been using toodledo for about a month and just signed up for Pro account also. I'm backing up weekly using the backup tool. I just noticed that under the restore section it says the file size limit is 4MB. That seems really small considering my backup file is already 1MB after just a month.

Am I missing something here? I'd guess I'll go over that 4MB size within 3 or 4 months and then the backup tool will be of little use to me...?